Ups, Downs and Ups

Yes, folks. It’s been that kind of week, Beginning to end.

Always better to start with an up, so let’s go with that.

Last Sunday. What a brilliant day.

Boofuls had remembered on Saturday, having totally forgotten to even mention it, that it was the annual charity barbecue on Sunday. Oh no!  We’d planned to go to Manchester to visit a friend we’ve been threatening to visit for ages. Oh well, it’s been this long, I suppose another week won’t hurt ( there’s another story behind that but I’ll save it for later).

Len and Lashes decided they’d come along to the barbecue as well with Munki. Douggie the doggie came as well.

What I like about this event  is not only that we catch up with friends we only see a couple of times a year but that everyone joins in with the kids and plays silly games. Watching full-grown men sitting on two foot high wooden horses for the ‘Grand National’ race is hysterical. Good humoured silliness, just what I like.  So we spent the day eating, socialising and enjoying the sunshine. It reminded me of this photo by Bill Brandt who used to photograph, among other things, social divide. A typically English garden party, except that we were in tee shirts and jeans rather than cocktail attire and we were drinking coffee rather than cocktails.  It was still just about perfect.

About an hour before we left, some of the children, including Munki, went to play in the field behind the house in the lovely, long, lush, green grass. AS we left we sent Douggie the doggie to round them up and return Munki to us, which he did with great aplomb. His little…. ok, huge big floppy ears and big, silly grin just kept appearing above the grass as he ran. Eventually, we got everyone rounded up and set off home.

The rest of the day was uneventful as Boofuls and I were exhausted after the fun and fresh air. It doesn’t do to have too much excitement at our age, you know (tongue in cheek).

In the early hours of the morning, I heard a kerfufffle downstairs and went to investigate.

Imagine my horror to discover that Douggie was clearly in the throes of a major seizure. I don’t know if any of you are familiar with canine epilepsy. What I can tell you is that my learning curve was fast, very, very steep and one of the most distressing things I’ve ever had to witness or deal with. When I say ‘deal with’ what I actually mean is watch helplessly as my poor dog went to hell and back. He clearly didn’t know who we were  and it was obvious that through fear and confusion  he would have attacked  us. if we’d gone any closer.  He doesn’t have an aggressive bone in his body. My poor, poor dog. I can’t even begin to imagine what he was going through.

Boofuls phoned the emergency vet who’s only advice was to put him in the car and take him to their surgery, forty minutes away. Lot of help, thanks. NOT!

Eventually, after what seemed like hours, the attack ended.

I approached him gently and I could see by his face that he now recognised me and he gave me a tiny wag of his tail.

The rest of that day passed in a bit of a blur as we got him to our local vet who immediately referred him to Liverpool small animal hospital. After a barrage of tests they declared that he has epilepsy.




{I know that this doesn’t transfer to a written page but at this point my head is in my hands while I still struggle to take it in}  There just aren’t sufficient words to describe the flood of emotions I’m feeling right now. I’m going to leave it right here and move on before I fall apart again. We’ll discuss this further when I can do it without crying…………………………………….




To today.

It’s our great nephew’s christening. The sun is shining. It’s a beautiful day. Peewee Winklepop has once again come to the rescue and is looking after Douggie for the day and I know he’s in capable hands. We’re going to have a lovely day.   I’ll say that again. We. Are. Going. To. Have. A. Lovely. Day. Got it?

It’s time to go and get my gladrags on and start the celebrations.  I’ll tell you all about it later.


I hope you have  a lovely day, whatever it is you’re doing.



2 thoughts on “Ups, Downs and Ups”

  1. My Logan had seizures and it was terrible to watch. Good thing is there are meds to reduce the frequency. (phenobarbitol, etc) All you can do is be there for them and make sure they don’t hurt themselves and ride it out. Sorry to hear of this diagnosis for Douggie.

    1. Thanks for that. People like yourself who have been through the same experience have really helped to get it into perspective. At the moment the advice from the vet is to monitor his seizures and see how frequent they are before putting him onto medication. there haven’t been any more since, hopefully *touch wood* there won’t be any more.

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