It’s been an odd few days

It’s just been a bit………y’know, odd.

Today I saw a tree, a proper big, planted in the ground tree, with a chain and padlock around it. It’s a poor do when people are chaining trees to the ground.  During the same walk I happened to be walking behind a group of young lads. Another young lad approached from behind, overtaking me and turning left away from the group.  Imaging my amazement when of of the group picked up a sizeable rock and was about to hurl it at this poor unsuspecting boy. Just as he was about to throw it he saw me watching and changed his mind, angrily throwing the rock back onto the ground.

WTF???? What kind of dickhead feels the urge to throw rocks at total strangers for no reason at all?  It would have brained this poor lad if it had hit him.

Relieved that the event had come to nothing I carried on my way. Only to hear that  the same group of dickheads had changed direction and were now right behind me – I could tell it was them by the monosyllabic conversation littered with four letter words at full volume.

What? What do you mean ‘Pot calling the kettle black?’

Yes I use four letter words, and  in copious amounts when the mood takes me, but never in a public place or in earshot of sensitive or young souls – with the exception of Winklepop but she takes it with a pinch of salt.  Can we get back to the story now, please?

Scared that I’d be next in line for half a brick round the back of the head, I hotfooted it back up onto the main road as fast as my little legs would carry me, grateful that I had a huge dog in tow. I know he’s as soft as butter but they didn’t and that was how I liked it.  Anyway, we got back in one piece with me still in shack at what I’d just seen. Honestly, people never cease to amaze me and usually not for good reasons.

Douggie the doggie has still got sore paws from his misadventures on the not so dog friendly after all beaches in Torquay. The sharp rocks cut his little feet to ribbons. He still has to wear a little space boot on one of his paws when we go out.  He looks like a part dressed doggie spaceman.

The cut feet put paid to my plans of lovely long morning walks while we were away. The poor dog was mincing along saying ‘ow, ow, ow’ with every step.  Never mind, it was nice to see Boofuls’ brother and spend some time in the English Riviera. I love Torquay.

It quickly became apparent on holiday that taking a dog away is somewhat more difficult than taking a baby on holiday. Just as much paraphenalia but not as welcome in most places.  That wasn’t a problem when the sun was shining and we could sit outside various cafes and restaurants but became a bit more problematic when it rained.  Thank the lord for canopies, I say!

Does it sound like we had a crap week? We didn’t. We had a lovely time, just not as expected. Pictures will be posted some time soon but now I have to stop chuffing about and get on with catching up on my work.  Bye for now.


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