Turty tree tousant

Isn’t it funny how things happen?

Boofuls and me went to a local am dram group performance last night. It was songs from the musicals and it was pretty good.

It all came about because I was walking Douggie the doggie on Friday on the local playing fields and got caught in a shower of rain. I stepped in a puddle, right up to my middle and never went there again…..oh no. Wait.  That’s something else. Sorreee!

So, where was I? Oh yes, shower of rain. We took shelter under, funnily enough, a shelter. As we stood there watching the rain pelt down I spotted  a little woman with a little dog  running up to the shelter as well.  Both she and her dog  gave a shake to get the worst of the water off before she turned to me and started chatting, as fellow dog owners are wont to do.

Her dog, a little bichon frise, was trying it’s best to shag Douggie  while we chatted, which was quite amusing to watch as it was a titchy little thing and even stood up to it’s full height it’s um, tackle only reached as far as Douggie’s ankle. Full marks for trying though. Douggie just kept turning his head to look at it in disgust before dislodging it with a flick of his almighty tail.  Eventually it gave up and settled down for forty winks. Douggie went and found himself a nice muddy puddle to have a roll in.

So, Shaggy’s owner and I chatting for a few minutes about dogs, the weather and life in general before she told me with a big smile that she had to go home and get ready because she was in a show that night. “Oh yes? What show’s that then?” I enquired.   She told me it all about it, at which point memory bells started ringing in my head. I remembered another dog walker had told me about it a few weeks ago. “A chap with an Irish wolfhound?”  “Oh yes!! That’s Jake, he’s lovely.”  She was of course talking about the dog not the owner.

Any road up, Boofuls and me decided to go and see the show. You could have knocked me down with a feather when I read the programme and realised that TTF’s new wife was one of the stars. Blimey!

The lights went down, the announcer told us in a strong Irish accent that the show was being held as a fund raising event for a local charity and they hoped to raise turty tree tousant pounds.  HAHAAAAAAAAA!! I nearly choked on my diet coke!  Turty tree tousant!

I was still chuckling when the show started – and what a show it was. Four or five amazing singers carried the show along and it was all good spirited fun. We loved it. I miss our am dram days.

During the break half way through we bumped into TTF himself outside and even managed to have pleasant words with him. My, how things move on.




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