I listened to my intincts today

Bored of our usual morning walk up the track and down the lane and then the reverse journey home, up the lane and down the track I decided Douggie and I would have a change of scenery yesterday. We jumped into the car and headed off for the nearest wood.

When we arrived at the woods I was surprised to see that the  the Himalayan balsam was standing six feet tall, obscuring any view through the trees, the path was overgrown and it was all looking a bit jungle-esque,  and it was all very peaceful, not another person or dog in sight.  We could have been all alone in the world. Perfect for clearing the head. You can’t beat a nice bracing walk through the woods.

I set off eagerly while Douggie sniffed around excitedly, weeing on almost every blade of grass.

I’d only gone about twenty steps through when I heard a text recieved chime. Then almost immediately I heard a twig snap.  After that there was just silence.  Even the birds seem to have stopped singing and the insects stopped humming as if they were all collectively holding their breath.  A quick look round ascertained that there was no-one on the path in front or behind me but there was most certainly someone nearby and out of sight.

Hhhmmm. Interesting.

What to do? Continue on our walk and ignore what I’d just heard or abandon the walk  and go somewhere else more public? I felt foolish even considering the options.  I’ve walked in these woods many times.

What would you have done?

Feeling like a complete twerp  I did a quick about turn and headed back to the car.  All my instincts were telling me to get away.

What happened?


What would have happened? I don’t know.

Maybe nothing.  Maybe something.

What I do know though is that over the years my instincts have served me well. I still feel like a complete idiot but you know what? I can live with that.

Do you listen to your instincts?

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