To sum it up

Today has been a horrible day. In fact this horrible day started yesterday when Douggie and I went for a walk. Let’s just say that ain’t mud he’s covered in.



Today  was horrible before the day started because I had some terrible dreams last night that stayed with me all day.

So many tears today.  Let’s not pursue it or I’ll only cry again. Never be sympathetic to an upset woman unless you want more tears.

It will be good to see the back of today. Good riddance Monday, don’t come back!

Here are a few photos from my walk with Douggie the doggie this afternoon. They just about sum up my mood. 

Tomorrow has got to be better.






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8 thoughts on “To sum it up”

      1. So did it rain happiness on you today, Miss Lesley? (“Today” being Tues, which it still is here…I suppose it’s tomorrow on your side of the globe.)

      2. D’ya know what Vanessa? Thank you so much for asking, that’s rely nice of you.

        It did. The only slight downside was that it didn’t snow as the weather forecast promised 😦 and I couldn’t get to dog training for one reason and another. Even that had a silver lining – I got loads of work done last night. Brilliant day!

        Hope yours was too.

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