I wish heroine didn’t sound like heroin

Y’see the problem is, I can’t say “My daughter’s a heroine” without wanting to mumble the word ‘junkie ‘ after it. It’s just too irresistible.

There are times my twelve year old boy style of humour is just so inappropriate.

She isn’t a heroin junkie, in fact, as far as I know she’s never taken it. She is though a proper bona fide heroine.

Here’s why.

During a spate of cold weather recently she was driving down a particularly icy street and she saw two people slip and fall. People were falling over like nine pins that particular day but there was a patch of black ice on the pavement and these two went flying, or as they say round these parts: they went skenning, and the result was two badly hurt men.

She immediately turned the car round and went back to help.

One man, an elderly chap with blood pouring from a wound that obviously needed attention, refused help and went home despite her best efforts to get him to hospital.

The other chap, a youngish Asian lad, was obviously in pain, unable to move and in need dire of an ambulance.

My lovely daughter, Lashes sat with him on the icy pavement allowing him to lean against her for support, gave him her fleece to keep him warm and chatted with him to keep his spirits up for half an hour until the ambulance came. (Yeah, I know. Half an hour!!)

The ambulance crew were amazed that she would put herself out to take such care of a total stranger.

I’m so proud of her. She’s always had a caring streak a mile wide and it comes to the fore at any given opportunity. Even for her though this was above and beyond.

She’s a proper heroine *mumble *(addict)

2 thoughts on “I wish heroine didn’t sound like heroin”

  1. Your daughter sounds like a sweet young lady!
    Hilarious about the “addict” part. Homonyms, right? Other homonyms aren’t quite as extreme in the meaning differences, are they? Funny. 🙂

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