You Traitor!

It’s fair to say I’ve reached the age where I get referred to as ‘A woman of a certain age.’

I’m not complaining about it. Far too many people we know ,or know of, aren’t getting that luxury.  As well as being  a woman of a certain age I’m also a woman who’s realising just how precious life is and being grateful for everything I have.

It seems ridiculous that I’m working harder than ever just at the point when I’ve realise that life isn’t about work, it’s to be savoured. If only I cold get through all the bloody work I’ll stop and smell the roses for a while.

Balance. That’s what we need, a bit of balance. I’m working on  it. hahaa

So. Last evening Boofuls and me spent together, it was lovely. We didn’t do anything amazing. We sat on the settee ( that’s how you know I’m soooo working class, a posh person would say sofa), we watched rubbish telly and munched on a bit of lovely , rich, dark  Hotel Chocolat chocolate. Deeeeeeelish.

Suddenly. Wooosh!! I felt like I was lying sunbathing on a tropical beach, dressed in full ski wear, wrapped in a blanket and lying under a sunbed on full power.

Good grief!  I’ve had hot flushes for ages but this one was like a furnace from hell.

We went off to bed, Boofuls, as normal, nodded straight off so he could practice his walrus impression. He hasn’t quite perfected it yet, most of the time it sounded like a cow in labour.


At one point during the night he turned over and our legs touched, I told him his knees were cold. “You should feel my bollocks.” was the reply.

“They shouldn’t be cold.”

“They’re not”, he said, “You should just feel them.”

We both spent the next five minutes giggling until he nodded off again to continue his snore fest.

I continued to  lay their trying to sleep as my internal temperature gauge went crazy. Covers on, covers off, walk round the room, get cold, back into bed. That was the routine for most of the night.

What the hell has done this?

CHOCOLATE!!! No way!!!! I hardly drink alcohol any more as I know that has the same effect on me but chocolate? That’s just mean!!!

To add insult to injury, I started with a low level migraine as well this morning. Damn you, Hotel Chocolat. You traitor, disguising yourself as a comforting friend!  It’ll be the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk for me in future!


One thought on “You Traitor!”

  1. I’m not “of a certain age” for a few more years, but I still can’t eat chocolate after 12, but especially after 2. If it doesn’t keep me up at bed time, it’ll wake me up in the middle of the night. Sad.

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