Well I just don’t know

“What’s up that we haven’t got an invitation to bezzie mates for croissants and champagne this Christmas morning?”

” Well, I just don’t know. She hasn’t even mentioned Christmas Day. It’ll be weird not going there  for our Christmas morning breakfast, we’ve done it every year since she moved to Littletown many years ago.”

“Ask her.”

“No. I don’t want to basically invite ourselves. If she wanted us to go she’d have invited us. She must have other plans. She hasn’t mentioned anything though.”

That was the conversation between Boofuls and me earlier this week.

Yesterday Lashes requested that she come and spend a few hours with us today as Len was working, Munki was with TTF and she didn’t want to spend Christmas Eve on her own. Not unreasonable.

Up popped one of my little thought balloons.

“I know! I’ll invite bezzie mate and hubby for drinkies. If we aren’t going to see her Christmas Day we’ll see her today instead.”

So, I invited bezzie mate and hubby. Lashes came to visit as planned, Big N dropped by, The Rev, Gembolina and the kids stopped by, one of the neighbours popped in and we had a lovely time chatting and laughing uproariously while the wind howled and the snow made a dismal attempt for a few minutes at giving us a nice, festive backdrop to the festivities.

Eventually I asked the question the whole family was willing me to ask:

“So, Bezzie. What are you doing this year that you haven’t invited us for breakfast?”

She looked at me silent and shocked for a minute.

“What!?!  What d’you mean? You’d better be coming for breakfast. I’ve bought loads in and I’ve already set the table.” ( I would have used the English term, ‘laid the table’ but I didn’t want any Americans choking on their advocaat, or egg nog as you call it).  What made you think you weren’t coming?”

“You didn’t invite us.”

“OHHHHH SHIIIIIT!!!!  OHHHHHHH MY GOD!!!!!! ‘ Course you’re invited!!! You don’t need inviting! It wouldn’t be Christmas without you  all coming for breakfast. OHHHHH MY GOD! That would have been awful!!


I love my bezzie.


4 thoughts on “Well I just don’t know”

  1. By the time you read my comment, you’ll be done with your breakfast. In fact, you’re probably enjoying it right now. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Miss Lesley! 🙂

    1. It’s 7.55 and I’m enjoying my first coffee of the day in peace and quiet before the mayhem starts. Thanks for your good wishes, Vanessa. Have a wonderful Christmas and a happy, healthy and bloggy new year 😀

      1. So fortunate! I wish I got to sleep in. I woke up at 6:30 to put a ham in the oven and happily climbed back into bed within 15 minutes. Your friend Pierre decided to get up and go sniff around the kitchen. Now we’re cuddled on the couch under a blanket, but I can’t get back to sleep. Sigh.
        Happy, healthy, and bloggyy new year to you, too!

  2. Thank goodness they came! Christmas would have been ruined if “The Gang,” had not turned up. Funny reading this back

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