The last post of 2013

2014 is nearly here! Let’s move onwards and upwards and make 2014 happy, healthy and exciting. 2013? See ya. I won’t miss you, you were a proper bitch at the end.

Let’s talk about new year celebrations. I’m not a big fan of ’em. Quite apart from the fact that as a child they were always traumatic for one reason and another, usually something to do with my Mum’s penchant for drinking too much and then starting a row with anyone who was handy.

Melancholia, hurt, regret, feelings of self pity, anger and missed opportunities all have a way of rearing their ugly head under the guise of a new start. New year has far too much potential for stirring up memories and emotions that are better kept under wraps.

I used to hate new year and dread it’s arrival. Since being married to my lovely Boofuls I’ve realised that it doesn’t always have to end in tears and bitter recriminations. The worst that happens when he’s drunk is that his volume control gets stuck on full and he gets very silly before going to sleep and snoring. I can live with that.

Going to the pub, or indeed any other public place  where there are a hundred bladdered people, roughly half of whom who want to throw up, start a fight or get their beery phizog in to try and snog the face off a total stranger under the guise of wishing them a happy new year is really not for me. Ugh. No thanks. I’ll stay in with family and friends, thanks. People and excess alcohol is a combination that scares the bejaysus out of me.


Now that I’ve got all that off my chest let’s move forward!

I wish you all  a happy, healthy and prosperous, if not preposterous,  new year and hope it brings you all you wish for.


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