Happy New Year

If you’re looking for a cheery post I think you’ll find you’re in the wrong place. There are no happy stories of peace, goodwill and new year parties around here. If it was still Christmas I’d be saying Bah! Humbug!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Mrs Pissedoff from Pissedoffville.

So. All the shenanigans are over with for another year. I’ll keep the decorations up till the 6th as is traditional but  it’ll feel a bit daft as there’s nowt left to celebrate.I must say though that I do love my white stick tree, I might keep it all year.  Lashes forgot to take her decorations down last year so she left them up until Easter and then decided that she quite liked the look of the tinsel on the wall so she kept it all year. Saved her the job of trimming up this time I suppose.

This NYE was the most boring in the history of NYE’s. The plan was to enjoy a nice evening at home, have a little drink, watch a good film and see in the new year by watching all the fireworks, one of the perks of living on a mountain, we can see fireworks for miles around.

We even turned down a party to stay home. What a mistake that was. The telly was utter and complete tripe. I’d been looking forward to finishing off my bottle of advocaat but it seems to have disappeared while Boofuls and I were in Torquay so I had a glass of fizzy water instead. I was so exhausted with boredom by ten o’clock that I wanted to go to bed but Boofuls wanted to us  stay up. I stayed up but ended up grumpy and not at all interested in the fireworks at midnight, which I must say were pretty feeble.  We watched the London firework display which was amazing. Now that was a firework display. No, silly. We didn’t watch it from our window. I know we can see for miles but London s a loooooooooong way away.  We watched it on telly.

After that it was off to bed until the early hours until Doggie the Doggie woke me up waiting to go out. Oh dear. The dog has a dicky tummy. He woke me up again about seven and he went racing out the door clutching his bum, trying to hold on till he got outside. Sigh.

It’s 8.45 now and the first day of 2014 hasn’t got off to the most auspicious start. We have friends in hospital, friends who are ill at home, the dog’s not well, the rain’s raining and the wind’s blowing. Also, during the first part of the year there will be at least two people we know who will depart this earthly life. I won’t elaborate on that at the moment. It’s just very sad.

I’m going to take the dog for a walk in the rain now. I hate new year.

Try popping in tomorrow when I’ll be feeling much cheerier.



3 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. The tele is always tripe.
    Well, except for the Poirot of Agatha Christie’s that my friends introduced me to while I was in Chicago. That was pretty decent. 🙂
    Hurray for Poirot!

    1. You’re back!! I missed you! I hope you had a great time in Chicago. I’m looking forward to hearing about it. Poirot’s great innit? Watch out for Sherlock as well. It’s brilliant!

      1. Poirot – I’m just hooked!!!! The Midsomer Murders will be next. From the two I saw in Chicago, I swear the whole village would be deceased. I wonder how they have 13 seasons on Netflix??? Heheheheh.
        I missed you, too! It was good to take a break but I think a break from blogging was tough!

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