Well hello again!

Just so that my regular readers (my sister, daughter, husband and son) aren’t confused  I’ll just tell them what’s going on:

This year in order to boost my blog readership from simply friends, family and one or two other lovely readers I’ve joined the zero to hero blogging challenge.

The first challenge is to introduce oneself.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here it is.


The big introduction *loud applause*


It’s been a few years since I started the is blog on, ahem, another blog hosting site, eventually moving to WordPress for many a reason. In those days I didn’t really know what a blog was. In fact, the only reason I started it was because  I was coming to the end of my degree course in photography and we had been instructed to keep some kind of journal to show progression on our final assignments. This could take the form of a workbook, a visual diary or an online blog.

“Oooh That sounds like the easiest option, I’ll take that. Ummm. What exactly is a blog?”

Little did I know that a few years later I’d still be at it.  Obviously I’m not documenting my college work now. During the course of keeping my online journal I’d realised that actually, I quite like this blogging lark. Once the college stuff was out of the way I left  a suitable interval after getting  my degree ( a 2:1 thank you)   and then started to use my blog as a personal record of our life in rural Lancashire.  I didn’t think anyone would be interested in it though and – hey! I was right!

Mind you, I have had messages of complaint if I’ve left it too long between posts so maybe some people are interested in our  little lives after all.

Who am I? I’m a *mumble mumble* year old mother to two sons, a daughter and a gaggle of grandchildren. You’ll see them referred to as the clingons as there is usually one or another of them clinging on to me at any one time.  Married to my husband for twenty eight years, he tends to feature quite a lot in my postings. All of the family give me so much material to work with, mainly because they’re all as mad as a box of frogs.  How could I not write about them?

Douggie the doggie also features quite a lot here. He’s my constant companion, confidante, exercise buddy and comfort blanket.

So here we are. That’s my introduction.  I’m looking forward to reading lots of new blogs and becoming  part of the zero to hero 2014 challenge.

Over to you, Bruce.



14 thoughts on “Well hello again!”

    1. Hiya!!!

      Thanks for following, I’ll follow you right back (does that even make sense?) I’m looking forward to reading your posts 😀 happy New year

      1. LOL if you think of following someone in the physical sense, it doesn’t make any sense really 😛

        great to make new friends through blogging, take care! 🙂

  1. I’m also trying out the Zero to Hero challenge and have cheated somewhat today, (I just did an intro post 6 weeks ago) and came across your blog which has had me chuckling in no time, I will definitely be coming back to hear what your Clinton’s have been up to!

    1. Hahaaaa, I see your autocorrect has to be kept a close eye on at all times as well. It’s always turning my clingons into clintons heheee.

      Thanks for dropping by, I’ll be coming to see you soon as well. Hapy blogging and happy 2014 😀

      1. Stupid auto correct, it’s one of the reasons I have to write my blog posts on an old PC sitting on the floor! Thank you, and a happy new year!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. It was hard, wasn’t it? I’m looking forward to reading yours, I’m sure it’ll be fab 😀

    1. Hello. Thanks for your comment, that was really nice of you. There is n’t much of my photography on here as I tend to keep work and home very separate, most of my photo are taken on my phone these days. Maybe that could be a resolution for this year, to post more photos. Good idea. Thanks 😀

  2. Hello there,
    Thanks for the visit. I enjoyed reading your intro. We have both committed to the Zero to Hero challenge and I think this is going to mean meeting lots of new bloggers, which ought to be a lot of fun.

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