Fancy a quickie?

It’ll have to be a quickie because I’m tireder than a tired thing tonight but I want to do the third task on the zero to hero challenge.

What? Why am I so tired?

Well, dear reader, let me tell you.

Tonight the family came round for a ‘what a shame Christmas is over and it’s back to reality next week’ dinner.  Munki has been in fine voice. By ‘fine voice’ I mean LOUD and fractious. Good Lord, that child can screech. Dinner itself was a very nice effort on my part if I do say so myself.  Various continental meats and cheeses for a starter followed by a rich beef pie made by my own fair hand. I cooked the beef in the slow cooker yesterday. I had to come downstairs and turn it off at 4.a.m when I woke up realising I could smell cooking. No wonder the meat was tender, I’d been cooking it for twelve hours. Actually, that does go some way to explaining why I’m so tired tonight.

What? Oh yes, the best bit. Pudding, or dessert, if you’re a bit poshe, was a salted caramel and chocolate cheesecake. Again made by yours truly. Absolutely delicious.

No. It wasn’t exactly health food. That comes next week. We followed the meal with a couple of rounds of the Big Bang board game. Lashes was disgusted at me for giggling at words like ‘pee’ and ‘sphincter’. She thought that the game would have taken on a better tone with ‘more intelligent’  (who, me?) people playing. Did she not realise I’d had two glasses of wine and I have the sense of humour of a twelve year old boy?

So. The third task.

Ah yes, you’d forgotten about that, hadn’t you?

Why I started a blog. Well, I did answer it in in introduction post. I started it as a journal to document my final assignment at college when I did my degree. However, writing that post has made me realise that I don’t take photographs just for the sheer joy of it anymore. It’s just turned into my job.

Time to cure that, I think. As part of my ‘stop and smell the roses’ campaign I will be joining the weekly photo challenge as it will give me a focus for some creative photography. It’ll make a change from photographing sprogs. The results I’ll be posting on here for you to enjoy, or not.

Thank you for listening  and goodnight to you.




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