Ow! Ow! Ow!

Flipping heck!

The weather’s a bit uninteresting here at the moment. Certainly in comparison to other parts of the world and even the UK. All we have weatherise  in Littletown today is a grey nothingness .

That’s not a complaint. Grey nothingness, while it’s certainly not my favourite weather, is preferable to howling gales and rain. What’s my favourite weather? Mmmm, let me think. Snow has to come top of the list followed by a lovely crisp frosty day with bright blue skies. Sunshine is always good but not too hot. I’m a tender flower and I wilt in the heat.

Right! You at the back. Stop that guffawing immediately! I AM a tender flower! Tsk. 

What’s your favourite weather?

It’s exactly this time last year that Boofuls and I were making the final preparations for our trip to the Arctic. I like to say Arctic as it sounds so much more exciting than the Swedish/Finnish border but we were inside the Arctic circle so it qualifies. Poor old Boofuls doesn’t half put up with some stuff from me. Given the chance he’d always head south to the Carribean. Me? Let’s head north! The whole trip exceeded my wildest dreams. I’ve already blogged about it so I won’t repeat it all again but if you’d like to read about it or look at the photos you can find them here.

Several years ago a past life therapist told me I a was  a Viking in a previous life. I’m not altogether sure she’s wrong. I do love that part of the world and definitely feel an affinity to it.

Anyway. Where were we? Oh yes, grey, gloomy weather.

Douggie the doggie and me set off for the nearest park this morning. It’s the best place for a boring weather day as it’s quite an interesting  walk with the park, woodland, cemetery  and moors  all within a few minutes walk from each other. In a nod towards my new year ‘get rid of the half a stone I’ve put on recently’ campaign I set the workout monitor to track the walk and set off at a brisk pace.  We walked up through the Victorian park, through the beautifully scented fir forest, over the fields until finally we walked along the top of the cemetery on our way back to the car. What a brilliant walk. I felt refreshed, revived and at peace with the world.

Douggie met a new friend. A golden labrador called Milly. Round and round they ran while I chatted to Milly’s human. Suddenly my eyes widened with horror as two wildly galloping  dogs headed straight towards me. OH MY GOD!!! With no chance of getting out of the way I stood terrified while Douggie skimmed past me but Milly ran at full speed into my legs. OW! OW! OW!

I tried not to cry as I sank to the ground, unable to put any weight on my right leg. Poor Milly’s owner was distraught, offering to carry me back to my car, call an ambulance, get help and anything else she could think of that might be helpful. What he hell are these dogs made of? Reinforced concrete? I felt like I’d been hit by a sledgehammer.

Eventually I managed to get back onto my feet and hobbled back to the car. Douggie stayed by my side all the way as good as gold. They really do understand when something is wrong, don’t they? Well, it certainly messed up my workout pace. I hobbled back at the rate of half a mile an hour. It’s sore and there’s a cracking bruise appearing but I don’t think it’s any worse than that.

It certainly livened up a grey day.

I’m back at home now,  ensconced at my computer to get on with a bit of work before all the family come round later for an end of the festivities festive meal. I’m sure I have grounds for getting someone else to cook it. I’ll just smile wanly, wince  and exaggerate my limp as I walk to the kitchen. Oh! The mileage I could get out of this.

Every cloud, eh?



15 thoughts on “Ow! Ow! Ow!”

  1. The joy of dogs! I have lived in Wiltshire almost all of my life, and was brought up in a dog-loving house (well, dogs and cats and the odd fluffy, finned or feathered extra). I grew up very close to the edge of Salisbury Plain (i.e. flat, military, etc) and would often walk our dog up there. On one occasion my dad was walking our dog at the time – Sophie – who was doing her usual thing of ranging far and wide and then rushing back to make sure you remembered she was still here. Long story short, my dad was on his phone at she came galloping toward him. However, instead of swerving off or stopping, she decided to use his calves as her method of coming to a standstill – and tipped him (in his words) “arse over elbow”. He then had to explain to the man on the other end of the phone what had happened … So I understand completely, and hope that your bruise is coming along nicely!

    Also interested to read about your past life experiences as I have had a few of my own. Happy to chat about it sometime if you like.


    1. I hope your Dad was ok. It crossed my mind as I watched the dogs flying towards me that I was in for a broken leg so I got off lightly I suppose.
      R: past lives. Fascinating subject but not one I’ve touched for a long time. I’d love to hear about your past life experiences.

      1. Raising four boys in the countryside he suffered many an indignity so was quite used to it! (Other than a few bruises – the worse story was once when he rushed from bed to answer the phone one morning and the cat decided to come and play with [i,e. sink claws into] a certain … intimate area …)

        No, I have to say that its not one that I have discussed openly for a while – but something I’m aware of. If that makes sense. Probably easier if I do a proper post about it … something to keep me occupied on this wet and miserable Saturday afternoon! But some … interesting bits and pieces were thrown up (no Vikings, however) that helped me to view certain behaviours of mine in a way that I was able to … clear them.

  2. Grey here today, too. Bah! “Valley of the Sun” my foot! Interestingly enough, I’ll be blogging about clouds today, too. Later. Much later. I must go have the therapist torture my ankle for now. 😐

    1. I’l look forward to your post. I hope the therapist doesn’t cause you too much pain but I imagine it’s al in a good case and not just for fun 😀

      1. It wasn’t nearly as bad today as Thursday. Thursday was like starting all over again. Yes, all for a good cause. Maybe I’ll have full use of my ankle soon!

  3. It feels like the arctic lately her in the middle of the U.S. That sounds like a lovey place to visit but I have to admit my eyes are on a warm climate right now. .

    1. It must be pretty flipping’ cold there if it’s making the news here in the UK. It’s ok for a bit but I’m sure the novelty is starting to wear of by now, isn’t it?

      Stay warm, stay safe and thanks for dropping by. Come again, you’re more than welcome 😀

    1. Oooooh, yes. That’s a bad one. I once ended up flat on my back when Douggie ran straight into the back of my knees.
      Tell me again why we have dogs?
      Thans for stopping by the blog and taking the time to leave a comment. Drop by again anytime, you’re always welcome.

  4. Now this never happens with cats 🙂 …. except for the broken bone as one attempts to not stand on the stupid cat that insists on being right under one’s feet! I’ve told my stray cat that I will protect myself over saving him!

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