Decking autcorrect

Is it just me or has autocorrect got a bit power crazed of late? I’m all in favour of a good spellchecker but what I don’t want is some smart arse machine deciding that it has a better choice of word than the one I’ve chosen and changing my text accordingly. There! The bugger just did it again! It changed ‘changing’ to chafing.’

I suppose it can have some quite comic results, maybe I should leave them ‘corrected’.

One day last week when I was ranting on Facebook about something which turned out to fairly inconsequential and I sprinkled my post liberally with the word fecking without really seeing what I was typing as the red mist was obscuring my vision. When I did finally read it I discovered that autocorrect had changed every feck to deck.


I’m not decking impressed with that! It took me ages to correct all the corrections.

I wonder mind if it just corrected spellings but every now and then it will pick a completely different word to the one I intended.

At the moment I’m having to check every word really carefully as I’m writing all sorts of gobbledygook.  Funnily enough, none of my friends have noticed anything different. Dammit!


2 thoughts on “Decking autcorrect”

  1. I really hate autocorrect. I think it’s one of the worst inventions ever. Simple typos are better than what autocorrect does to people’s thoughts.

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