You’ve had some sleep

There are times when I think my Boofuls has no survival instinct whatsoever.

After all these years of him snoring and me kicking him out of bed into the spare room you think he’d know  to just  go without arguing. He knows well enough that a sleep deprived Lesley isn’t something to anger.

After my umpteenth, variously worded, requests for him to stop snoring I got a response. Generally my requests start off with a gentle,”Turn over, darling.” and end up with “SHUT THE FOOK UP AND FOOK OFF TO THE SPARE ROOM!”

I can only think that the bed must have been particularly warm and cosy last night because he decided to put up a fight. “It’s only been ten minutes.”

“Ten minutes? Ten minutes? Ten minutes since I last told you to shut up. I’m sick of being woken up every ten minutes by you snoring.”

Here it comes folks. Boofuls dancing on a tightrope and  dicing with death:

“Well at least you’ve had some sleep. That’s more than I’ve had.”


Cue: Explosion.

Outcome: He went to sleep in the spare room and I got a got a good nights sleep.

Moving on. It’s Peewee Winklepop’s birthday today.  A little bird told me that the birthday fairy brought Winklepop a flute ( actually, Winklepop is the birthday fairy). I wonder how long it will  be before she brings it to work to entertain us all. That’d be great. She might need to move on from ‘Jingle Bells ‘ though and onto something slightly more current.

Happy birthday, Winklepop



6 thoughts on “You’ve had some sleep”

    1. Hahaaaa Wacky. Good word. I’ll try it next time. Boofuls prefers ‘grumpy cow’ as a way of describing me when I’m tired 😀

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