Changing themes

This blog is changing themes faster than a ………..  Whoa there!! Hang on! Lets try and keep it clean.

I’m really enjoying the zero to hero tasks s o here I am trying out all these new looks on the blog.  What do you think of this one? The last one brought me out in a cold sweat every time I looked at it.  I’m still so far out of my comfort zone that I can’t remember where I left it but I’m all for listening to advice from an expert and if it works then it’ll all be worth it.   I have a sneaky  feeling  though that normal service with it’s soft, peachy colours and slightly hippyish feel will be back soon. It just feels kind if right for me.

In the meantime,I’m going for a lie down. This morning started with a banging headache and it’s got progressively worse as the day has gone on.

Douggie the doggie ain’t having a great day either. I dropped him off and the groomer’s and he walked in all happy and dapper till a Westie decided to start barking at him. The next thing you know poor old Douggie is shaking like a leaf and begging me not to leave him.  Poor pooch. For such a big dog he isn’t half a softie.

Bullied by a Westie in a cage. Honestly.  It’ll be the doggie rescue remedy and valerian tablets when he gets home later or I can see there will be a seizure in store for him tonight.

Rather than put him onto a chemical cosh popularly known as diazepam for his seizures. I’ve been doing a bit of research into canine epilepsy. What I’ve discovered is that cod liver oil builds up the neural pathways and the herbs valerian and scullcap  are a very effective treatment for epilepsy in dogs.  Anecdotal evidence is very positive about it.

Oh well, here goes nothing. If they don’t work I’ll need to have a rethink if his seizures get worse. Early signs are good though. The seizure that he had over Christmas was of a much shorter duration and severity than previous seizures and that was with him just taking cod liver oil with every meal. We haven’t started the valerian/scullcap combo yet.

One note to consider. Don’t cook the dog’s sausages in cod liver oil. the whole house stank of fish for two days. Oooo-wheeee Mrs!!!!






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