Exciting times – you have new puppy!

I love reading Kay’s blog. It’s always thoughtful and insightful but this post really made me sit up and take notice. If only everyone was made to read it before they were allowed to get a dog.

Before we got Douggie the doggie I did a lot of souls searching and thought I knew what we were getting into. Little did I know that our lives were about to be permanently turned upside down.

Kay Laurence


Better than all your birthdays put together. A complete package of such cuteness that your insides turn to warm caramel. A huggable, wriggly, kissing snuggler. Gaze affectionately at your deep sleeping pal and watch them dream of adventures in grassy fields, snuffling under leaves and sighing contentedly at your feet.

In anticipation of this living pleasure you blew your credit card to the enthusiastic pet store. A crate for safe sleeping lined with soft, cosy bedding. Expensive puppy toys scientifically manufactured to provide the perfect psychological enrichment. Food that would shame Harrod’s Food Hall with exclusive ingredients. Designer bowls that are just the right shade of colour and pattern to match the bedding, crate, cover and coat. A full wardrobe of miniature lead and collar, harnesses, jackets, brushes, combs and shampoos. Puppy pads for  accidents, extra fencing for the garden, a picker-up of poo and a lifetime supply of bags.

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4 thoughts on “Exciting times – you have new puppy!”

  1. Reading Kay’s post has reminded me of when I first got Millie, the last puppy of an unwanted litter handed over to Greyhound Rescue Wales. She was like a little brown monkey – a delinquent one – into everything and destroying everything. Exhausting! She won’t thank me for telling you this, but it took 3 years of doggy school to sort her out.

    1. Three years!!!!Good Lord, you are one patient woman!!
      I don’t doubt she was exhausting but I bet you wouldn’t change her 😀 Is she ok now?

      Not wanting to boast but I have been so lucky with Douggie the doggie. He’s never been one for destroying things, was a dream to housetrain and he’s generally well mannered.
      He’s a rescue boy, he and his brother were handed over to the rescue at 11 weeks old. Douggie came to me and his brother went to Blackpool, we meet up occasionally.

  2. You are lucky – Douggie sounds like a dream! Millie still has what my nephew called ‘her dark side’ – an occasional tendency to chase and bark at other dogs – but otherwise she’s as good as gold. And no, I wouldn’t change her for the world – she’s been well worth the trouble and I love her to bits. 🙂

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