And the winner is………

Remember the post from a few days ago about our trip to Finland to see the northern lights?  The trivia question about the church?

Oh yes, it’s all coming back to you now, isn’t it?

I sifted through all of your answers which took me all of one second as only one of you had a go at it.  Shame on you for your tardiness!

Well, Aussi Emjay , who’s blog is well worth a lookie, took  the only guess at it being the most northerly church and she was absolutely right.  Actually, maybe it wasn’t a guess, maybe she knew it. In which case muchos kudos to you.

As well as being the most northerly church it also has something else going for it.

So any more last minute guesses  as to how you might know this church?

CopyrightI guarantee that you know it if you’ve watched tv at all over the last few years, particularly at Christmas.

Give in? Ok, I’ll put you out of your misery.

It’s the church from the Coca Cola Christmas advert. 

So. The prize, of my undying admiration goes to Aussie Emjay.

Tune in for the next exciting post, folks.


One thought on “And the winner is………”

  1. Oh, how interesting. I wonder if different Coke ads are shown here in the US (I assume in Australia around Christmas time the ad is showing people frolicking on a beach before having an ice-cold coke) . I tend to watch nearly all my television through TiVo so skip through the commercials – I’m probably missing out on a lot of pop culture.

    I guessed my answer given the latitude of Finland.

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