May you live in interesting times

May you live in interesting times. So the old Chinese curse goes.

We’re living in interesting times alright. I must have proper pissed off some Chinese bloke at some point and managed to get us cursed. I knew I shouldn’t have complained about that chow mein.

It’s been a traumatic week at Tripping Over Pebbles Towers.

Do I want to talk about it?

No, thanks.

Instead I’ll just post a few melancholy photographs to fit my mood and the events of the past few days.

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21 thoughts on “May you live in interesting times”

      1. Thank you again. I can’t be bothered taking a full size camera out with me and I like the challenge of getting a decent photo from a phone. I was particularly chuffed when one of my phone photos was used for a magazine cover. πŸ˜€

      2. I know what you mean, I take my phone everywhere. I tend to be the opposite though, a quick snap to capture a moment (sometimes I get a bit self conscious but I’m working on that). Well done on the magazine cover, that’s amazing! Can I ask wjhich phone you have? Mine is an HTC One S but it’s terrible in low light, inside or out.

      3. It’s an iphone5. The camera on it is brilliant. I think the HTC is a better phone generally, my daughter has one and loves it.

        Keep working on the photography, I know what you mean about feeling self conscious, it took me a while as well but now I just want the shot, even it it means I have to lie on the ground or climb a post haha. People will just think you’re a bit eccentric!

  1. Oh I just want to put my feet in that grass!
    Desert Dweller Says: Arizona grass sucks!
    Seriously, I miss the lush green grass in California, but that grass around that tree in the first picture looks nice enough to sleep in.

    1. I can’t imagine not having lots of green, list grass around. If you ever get to WordCamp UK I’ll show you the best grass in the world πŸ˜€

      1. I’m certain you have a hundred bloggie friends you could stay with but I’ll get my invitation in first ( no I’m not an axe murderer, just in case your friends are worried) but if I was I’d get the axe from Sheffield so it would be made of the finest steel πŸ˜€

      2. Oh thank you Lesley! Remember the young one & I are a package deal, so make room for 2. Pierre won’t come, though. As for my friends, they just have to deal with it. Again. Hehehehe.

        Oh terrific! A high quality axe will make all the difference! πŸ˜€

      3. Ooooooohhhhh That’s interesting. Sheffield is only an hour and a half away. Brighton is as far away as you can get and still be in this country. Thanks for the link. Will you be attending?

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