The cold season

Hey! Welcome to my 1234th post!

How come when Boofuls says he’s feeling a bit chesty everyone’s all sympathetic and suggesting various remedies and when I say I’m feeling a bit chesty everyone sniggers and goes all Benny Hill?

Ok, I was blessed with larger than average chesticles but puh-lease, let’s have a little bit of decorum.

The sniffles, snuffles, coughs, colds and lurgy’s have been out in force over the last few weeks. Even the dog kindly sneezed in my face while he was on the settee giving me a cuddle the other night. Even worse than that he released an absolute barrage of sneezes while we were training last night – all over the sausages I was using as treats. Ew. Dog snot sausages. How lovely.  Bluergh.

Still on the subject of poochie. During our recent jaunt to Devon poor old Douggie the doggie missed us so much he had another fit. We are now 100% certain that his seizures are brought on purely by stress. He loves me so much he just can’t bear to be parted from me.  I’m just so lovable!

Hhhmmmm but what to do about it?  The poor pooch can’t go through life velcro’d to my side, nor I his. There are going to be times when it’s just unavoidable that I have to be away. I’m open to ideas and advice so don’t be shy with your comments, folks.

Funnily enough, I saw an article today by Victoria Stillwell in which she talks about America’s top five favourite dog breeds. In the article she talks about  golden retrievers and anxiety based issues.


I thought I’d done loads of research and found out everything I needed to know before we got Douggie.Obviously I didn’t do enough research or I’d have known about this little nugget. To be honest, I would still have got him but I’d have worked hard to help him over his anxiety issues instead of teaching him a few flashy tricks. Still, it’s never too late to start, is it?

Here’s Victoria’s article.


2 thoughts on “The cold season”

  1. I once read that dogs who feel they are “pack leader” tend to have separation anxiety because the pack leader can leave but followers can’t. Pierre tends to own me and he’s okay if my daughter leaves, but not me. I have to work on getting the proper place in the pack, honestly. Who leads around your house? (Please note – I’m no doggie specialist and you can’t believe everything you read on the internet… I wish I could remember if the article I read was reputable or not.)

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