Brilliant Dancing dog

Douggie and I have been practising a new dance routine. I’ve decided for our next dance we’ll do a paso doble.

We started to practice at the club last might and one of the other members commented that he looks and moves just like a dog from Azerbhajan and sent me this Youtube link.

How people can belittle heel work to music is beyond me. The level of training and the rapport between this dog and handler is superb.

I was absolutely blown away by it. Not only is he (she?) identical to Douggie, he (she?) does in fact move just like him. It was so inspiring to watch I thought I’d share it with you.

I can only aspire to reach this level, it’s amazing.

I’ve run out of superlatives now so sit back and enjoy the video.


2 thoughts on “Brilliant Dancing dog”

  1. Collies are so intelligent! It’s all I can do to get Millie Lurcher to walk to heel. As for Pearly Greyhound, she doesn’t know the meaning of the word. On the plus side, they’re both very good and quiet in the house and don’t need constant stimulation.

    1. Well I suppose you can’t have everything and there’s a lot to be said for a peaceful life. Not that I’d know, I’ve never had one 😀

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