Saturday Roundup

Ok. Here we are back at Zero To Hero HQ and carrying on where we left off.

The next task is to publish a round up of blogs I’ve enjoyed reading.

Now then.

Bit tricky this and actually, as I’ve discovered over the last few weeks, the reason why I get very little traffic to my little blog-ette. It’s because I’m not so good at the blog networking and I don’t go ‘visiting’ very often.

As much as I’d love to spend hours surfing the pleasure dome  that is blogdom for hidden gems  and leaving comments here, there and everywhere I just don’t have the time to  do it.  A full time job, a family and a demanding and huge dog eat into my time leaving me precious little left for blogging. How very dare they!

Just quickly surfing around and skimming a few blogs clicking ‘like’ buttons and leaving meaningless comments on a post I haven’t properly read just to get my own stats up doesn’t really strike me as a route to go down. If I’m reading your blogs I want to savour every word of them and enjoy them. I do like the ego trip of a lot of readers though, I must admit.

There must be a middle ground somewhere.

Anyway *shakes head* Musing over.

I do have a little quick rummage round in the morning before my day starts properly, I know the dog’s sitting there with his legs crossed waiting for me to take him for his morning poo but he just has to hang on for a minute longer while I finish my coffee and read.

Yesterday little rummage uncovered a little gem. It’s a recipe for chocolate whiskey cake. I think I’ll make it for Lashes’ birthday., she’ll like that. Of course she will, not’s not to like about chocolate whiskey cake? Everyone should have a recipe for chocolate whiskey cake so here’s my first link  to Scarletscorchdroppers , brilliant name for a blog. I wish I’d thought of it.  I’m glad it’s made with Irish whiskey. Any guesses as to how I know it’s Irish? Answers on a postcard – or in the comments box.

As I’ve just found my second link I’ve realised my unintended theme for this is ‘happiness’ in one form or another. There you go folks. If you want to be  included in my round ups you’ll have to post about things that make me happy.

So. My second link is to ouidepius and it’s about a being drunk enough that all the negatives become positives. No, Im not advocating that you walk round permanently pie eyed.

Thirdly, this one, Because you’re loved was bit different as I didn’t actually come across it on WordPress. A chap I knew from college posted it on Facebook and I clicked on the link. It brought a tear to my eye. It was just so touching.

There you go. That’s my round up for this week/month/ever. I hope you enjoy reading them.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Roundup”

  1. I don’t think I did that particular assignment…. Like you, I just don’t have a lot of time available for substantial/quality blog perusement (or blogging for that matter). As it is my family thinks I spend too much time doing the blogging/social media stuff. I do manage to find time to sneak it in however 😉

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