Note to Self

It is vital when cleaning the cooker immediately after cooking a meal on it ( noteworthy on both counts, that. Cooking and cleaning, both in one day? Wow! ) that one doesn’t remove the rings with ones bare hands. OWOWOWOWOW!!!!

Lesson learned, I won’t be doing that again. Dozy bint.

Poor Douggie the doggie leapt up from his usual place, under my feet, to see what all the noise was about. He wasn’t sure if I was instigating an unusually noisy game, or if there was any food coming his way or if he should get out of the way as fast as he could. He opted for the food option naturally, and stood there looking at me expectantly while I danced around the kitchen practising my Anglo Saxon.

Once the excitement was over I noticed the sky was getting darker and darker. “Oooh, Douggie, It’s going to snow.” I decide to postpone his evening walk until the snow arrived, which I could see would only be a few minutes. Sure enough, there it was, right on cue.
Boots, fleece, coat, hat, gloves, Hat, dog treats, clicker, ( mustn’t miss a training opportunity) poo bags, phone, keys, dog. Check. Let’s go!!

Douggie and I ran out of the door, straight into a hail storm. Again with the OWOWOWOWOW!

That wasn’t part of my plan! I want big, fluffy, soft snowflakes not sodding cannonballs fired into my phizog! Even Douggie stopped in his tracks and ran back to the door before thinking better of it and heading out onto the field to see if he could find a rabbit to chase.

Along with the hail had arrived a howling gale, my poor face felt like needles were being stuck into it. Eventually it eased off into real snow which was quite good fun once the wind was at my back. That was was bracing to say the least. Tell me again why I wanted a dog? Oh yes! So I can go out in disgusting weather and have people drive past in their lovely, comfortable, warm cars shaking their heads and laughing saying, “Oh how I wish I had a dog so I could go out in that weather.” Pah!


15 thoughts on “Note to Self”

  1. I hate that needles-in-the-face cold! If I had a dog it would be a tiny little thing that could just run out the back on its own and feel that it had done a marathon.

    1. With hindsight that might have been a better choice. Or better still I could have a little weeny dog for winter and a nice big one for long walks in summer 😀

      1. It certainly is. WE have yet another howling gale this morning. Ho hum. I have to go out and jet wash the patio to make it all lovely for the estate agent tomorrow. That’ll be fun. I’ll have to make sure I stand with the wind to my back so I don’t end up jet washing myself. Many layers of clothing required, I think.

      2. It’s still not here. I think I noticed my face is tanned up. It’s FEBRUARY!!! Sigh. Pulling weeds is a daily occurrence. I’m running the AC in the car. I refuse to turn it on at home. I’m just suffering through it. 😐

      3. I have NO idea. It was unseasonably cold in December – mornings in the teens and low 20s when the low 30s would have been normal. Now? It should be 60s to MAYBE low 70s on an occasional nice day. The 80s and 90s are more like April. 😐 No, wait, this year, they’re NOW. Grrrr.

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