On a scale of one to ten

I used to be such a little bundle of joy. What happened?

Oh yeah. Life.

I’ve had a few days to calm down now – and it’s just as well because if I’d sat down to write this last week when there was still steam coming from my eyes your poor eyeballs would have been seared with the strength of my profanity.

On the scale of 1 – 10 of pissed offness with 1 being slightly irritated and 10 being totally pissed off I was boiling somewhere around a 15.

What was the cause of my mood? Well, dear reader, I’l tell you.

Death number five in this year of loss occurred a week or so ago. A nice old chap Boofuls and I have known for some years. Not unexpected but still very sad. His funeral was booked for Thursday. Obviously, as near professional funeral goers this year, Boofuls and I planned to go.

Then I realised that I had a client booked in. The same one who’s appointment I’d changed in order to attend my cousin’s funeral. So reluctantly I said to Boofuls, “I can’t change it again, she’ll never believe it’s another funeral and I can’t keep messing  her about. You go, I’ll see the client.”

And so it came to pass that I sat twiddling my thumbs waiting for a client who didn’t turn up while I didn’t pay my last respects to a  lovely old chap. My normal professional veneer may have cracked a little when I phoned my client to enquire as to her whereabouts only to have her tell me she’d forgotten her appointment.  I don’t think she was in any doubt as to how happy I was about it.

Moving on…..  Here’s a round up of the week’s news.

While we were in Torquay last week Douggie the doggie, Boofuls and I were play fighting on the bed  in the hotel. Douggie twisted round and accidentally scratched my face, leaving me with two livid red marks right down my face. My, that hurt!

When we got back home Gembolina asked me if the red marks were because I’d been wind whipped by the massive storms that happened while we were there. “Wind whipped? No. I was dog walloped.”

Despite all our best efforts with a DAP spray, DAP diffuser, rescue remedy and valerian tablets, Douggie had yet another fit a few days after we got home. The one was the worst yet in as much as it occurred outside. FOOOKKKK!!!!!!!

Since we live on a farm and the nearest road is quarter of a mile away I opened the front door while I put my walking boots on so Douggie could gambol around on the path while he waited for me.  he shot out of the door like his backside was on fire and then collapsed behind my car.

It was terrifying. More so because when he comes round from a fit he has no idea who I am, where he is and is uncharacteristically aggressive. Once he managed to stagger to his feet he growled at me a bit as I tried to prevent him running away and then he ran off up the track with me running behind him calling his name and praying he wouldn’t make it as far as the road.

Eventually he responded to my calls and stopped to look at me. Eventually he fearfully and slowly approached me as he regained his senses. Thank God! If I hadn’t already been weeping with fear I’d have wept with relief.

I decided enough was enough and took him to the vet. Her advice was amazing. Apparently they have two main types of treatment for epilepsy. One could damage his kidneys, and she didn’t want to prescribe it as he’s only just turned two. The other treatment doesn’t actually work. Hhhmm. There’s Hobson’s choice if I’ve ever seen it.

What happens next is a tale I’m saving for tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “On a scale of one to ten”

  1. I wanted to press the Like star, but I don’t “like” it. It would be meant as a thumbs-up show of solidarity and silent support.

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