The law of attraction

Do you believe in the law of attraction?

The idea that whatever it is you really focus on the universe will provide, good or bad.  It might be that you unconsciously change how you do things or your attitude to life generally. I don’t know how it works but my experience has been that it does. I’ve been lucky enough to have been surrounded by many positive, inspiring  and enlightened people in my life. Hard working people who don’t believe that anything is given to them on a plate and who are open to new ideas and ways of thinking. I have always found these people very easy to be around and over the years some of their positive energy must have rubbed off onto me. Ooh, I love a bit of positive thinking, me!

What am I on about? Well, dear reader, let me tell you.

There have been some strange things occurring at Boofuls Towers recently. Doors have been closing and other doors opening in a very timely fashion clearing the path for our big adventure, the details of which I’ll share with you soonish. Suffice for now just to say that there are some major life changes on their way for us.

Right out of the blue Boofuls and I have both taken phone calls from agents asking us if we want to sell our respective businesses, exactly at the time we have spoken extensively to each other about doing just that.

About a month ago, I was doing a lot of soul searching  about whether it was time to  retire from photography. As much as I  love doing what I do I felt it needed to go in order to make space for our new adventure.  Well, blow me down, just a few days after our discussion about it I got an email saying that my baby photography contract was being changed. For the worse. Decision made!  The universe provided me a get out clause. All I have to do now is see the clients I have now through to the end and then I won’t be a photographer any more. Gosh! That seems strange.

Boofuls and I are changing direction and going down a different path and it’s all starting to feel like it’s moving from a dream to a plan, a plan that’s rapidly gathering momentum.  Exciting and scary at the same time, like a roller coaster. Not that I’ve ever been on a proper roller coaster, I’m far too much of a wuss for that. The most exciting ride I’ve ever been on is the caterpillar ride at Camelot with the babies from nursery when Lashes was little.

Pop back tomorrow and I’ll tell you about yesterday’s very, very weird day.







4 thoughts on “The law of attraction”

    1. I think you are right, Annabelle. There has been a massive attitude shift in my Boofuls of late which seems to have cleared the way for new things to come into our lives. Although it was a horrible time for us at the beginning of the year when we lost so many family and friends it really made us take a step back and evaluate our lives – and we found them lacking. We suddenly realised that life is a precious commodity and it was time to start living ours before it was too late.

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