I’m just seeing all of last year’s brides and grooms through to the end  and getting all their albums and slideshows finished and then I’ll be an ex wedding photographer.  I must say that I quite like the sound of that.

Over the last few months I’ve been working hard designing albums and now I’m down to the last two I’m rattling their cages to get the  image choices off them so I can get it all finished.  While I’m working I like to have a bit of music on quietly in the background.

I like to think I have an eclectic taste in music. All I really don’t like is rap and I’m not overly keen on folk music, it’s  bit dreary for my taste. Everything else from heavy rock to classical I’ll happily listen to and it whiles away the hours whir I’m getting artistic with wedding albums.

One of our couples came yesterday, yes, Good Friday, to pick up their album and they were thrilled to bits with it. I love it when they fill up with tears and have to go through it all a dozen times because they can’t stop looking at it and every time they do they see a new detail I’ve hidden in there. Ok, I will miss being a wedding photographer a little bit.

On Thursday one of my couples needed a bit of help picking their photographs so I invited them into the studio. They are …ahem…. a slightly older couple. he is a lay preacher and she is a retired school teacher. Very nice and very refined, I can’t imagine why they picked me to shoot their wedding but pick me they did and they were thrilled with the results. All I can say is that I earned my money that bloody day!

Anyway, in a fit of nostalgia they decided they wanted to see every picture again and would I run the slideshow. Normally I have it all set up ready with music cued ready to play but as I was only expecting to look at a couple of dozen photographs I hadn’t done it. “Ok, it’ll be a pleasure, just give me  a minute.”

I got the slideshow ready, only a minute of a job and went to pick the music. As the laptop was linked to the big tv screen they were able to see what I was seeing and saw the playlists. “We don’t want the babies playlist, they said with a laugh.  “Well, I’d better be careful what I choose here, you’d be shocked if I put on  some the music  I listen to.” I said with a laugh as I clicked on the ‘top 25 most played’ thinking to myself that that would in fact bring up the babies playlist with it’s innocuous choice of music as that was  in fact the most played.

The first few photographs, the scene setters, the ones of the flowers on the lych gate at the church, the church itself and  the lone piper were all lined up like little soldiers waiting for the first few lilting notes of Jack Johnson’s ‘Better Together’ to begin the slideshow.

Imagine my surprise and utter horror as what actually came out of the speakers was:

OHHHHHHHH SHITFUCK!  Followed by a guitar riff and then shit fuck shit fuck!

“OH MY GOD!” I nearly died.   It was  Reel Big Fish. You don’t play that stuff in front of anyone never mind your most genteel clients.

I nearly knocked my laptop off the desk in my haste to turn off the offending and offensive music. “OHHHNOOOOO! That’s the last thing I wanted you to hear!”

Luckily for me they took it with good humour.  Me? I nearly died with embarrassment.

This isn’t the exact song, it’s a gentler, much nicer  version of it.   I couldn’t find the other one on Youtube but it’ll give you the idea.






2 thoughts on “OH NOOOOOOO!!!!”

  1. Loving the Fuck Off Song – but then I have bizarre taste in music and most of the stuff I like I can’t play when anyone else is there because most of my friends hate it. I even like rap if there are enough weird electronic noises in the background!

    1. Hahaaa I’m sure you and I would get on like a house on fire, you could definitely play your bizarre music around me, I’d probably love it 😀

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