The Aristodogs

As you might imagine, having a home with a golden retriever in it I tend to seek out blogs that feature goldies. One of my favourites is The Daily Golden. There’s always something in there which is informative, interesting, makes me smile or just makes me say “aaaaaaah”.

I read with interest the other day this  articleabout cream golden retrievers.  As you all know, having seen about a million photographs of him,  Douggie the doggie is a cream coloured golden retriever.  “Well I never” I thought “fancy that” I said, “I had no idea” There was me thinking he just happened to be white and all along he’s really been an ‘English Cream Golden Retriever’ or  a ‘Rare White European Golden Retriever’ or  even an  ‘Exquisite Platinum Imported Golden Retriever’.  Better temperament, better health and altogether  a superior type of goldie? 

Blimey. I’d better not tell him he’s from aristocratic stock, he might get too big for his boots.

You can see it if you look closely, can’t you? Here he is on our walk today.

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Exquisite, eh?

I don’t know why he’s looking so blooming happy with himself.  No he hasnt found out he’s supposed to be from the upper classes. He’s  just been having a good old romp with Wilf the spaniel and they found a muddy ditch to wallow in. STINKY!

We popped round to Lashes’ house for a cuppa this morning, of course he and Teddy had a great time.  Looking for mischief.

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8 thoughts on “The Aristodogs”

    1. Oh thank you! I do love reading your blog, it always cheers me up, except when it makes me cry. That’s when you put something really poignant on, it gets me every time. Douggie always comes in to see what I’m sniffling at and gives me a cuddle to cheer me up.

  1. Douggie is adorable, though I am glad that I didn’t have to bathe him after his morning walk! I have two golden doodles and they love their daily outings too 🙂

    1. Oh, I love golden doodles, they’re amazing dogs. That was exactly what I was looking for when Douggie came along and stole my heart. He is a bit of a dirt bag though. I just chuck him in the pond when we get back from our walks and let him bounce around in there for a few minutes, a bit like a tumble wash, he comes out all sparkly clean and we can repeat the whole exercise the next day ( and the next, and the next, and the next………).

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