Thought we’d cracked it

Apparently not. The fact that I’m sitting here crying ( not that that’s going to help) and waiting for the vet’s to open is testament that we have not in fact, cracked it.

In an attempt to find a gentler method to control Douggie’s seizures than the phenobarbital  that was offered, which has damaging side effects,  we tried a homoeopathic   and herbal approach to his epilepsy. I really thought it was working.   From January to April he was seizure free.

Then on 3rd April, Shaky Jake was back. Then again on the 12th April and again at 6.30 this morning. As I write this poor Douggie is flat out on the floor exhausted after another fit and  an hour and a half pacing the floor until he recovered his equilibrium.

Previously we could predict what would trigger a seizure but lately there haven’t been any clues at all, they’ve come out of the blue.  I hate that. At least if I know what might trigger a seizure we can take steps to avoid it.

One of the ladies at the dog club who has lost one of her own dogs to epilepsy gave me a stern talking to the other week, telling me that I was being unrealistic and that there is no cure.  I understand fully that there is no cure At that point I was still optimistic that we had found a good method of controlling it. Now I’m not so sure.

So, here we are. back in a position of having to decide which of the conventional medications will control his fits without destroying his quality of life too much and without causing long term damage to him. The choices last time were a medication that wouldn’t work or one that would ultimately cause him kidney damage. He’s only two years old for God’s sake. The thought of giving him medication that is going to destroy his health breaks my heart.

It’s Hobson’t choice really as he’s doomed if we do and he’s doomed if we don’t.


12 thoughts on “Thought we’d cracked it”

  1. I’m so sorry for you and Douggie, and sending healing thoughts. It’s a long shot, but have you tried acupuncture? I’ve heard that animals can respond well to it. I don’t know if you’ve got anyone locally who does animal acupuncture, but if so it might be worth a go. If I have any more ideas, I’ll let you know.

  2. So sorry Lesley. I had a golden that suffered seizures but they didn’t start until he was about 10. It was terrible to watch, and the drugs (pheno) didn’t do much to keep them at bay. Hope you find a way to deal with this.

    1. Thank you. I’m trying to find a solution but at the moment I’m not feeling terribly optimistic. Thanks for the feedback about the pheno. We’re at the homoeopathic vet’s first thing tomorrow so we can look at all our options then.

    1. That is so nice of you, thank you. 😀 Unfortunately, he is already on a grain free diet. I did loads of research when he was first diagnosed and that was one of the things that came up. Finding a food without grain and sage in it was impossible so in the end I had to settle for just grain free.

  3. I don’t have anything to say that will help you with what you’re feeling – only some empathy after having a dog in my life for approximately 10 years with a terminal and incurable condition. Impossible decisions are an awful Catch-22, and I don’t wish them on anyone.


    1. You have helped, just by being there with your support which is very much appreciated. Thank you. I’m sorry about your dog. Two years ago I had no idea about how much it’s possible to love a dog and how painful it is when you can’t help them.

      1. Very much so. Its that sense of helplessness that really drives it home that, as animal ‘owners’ and self-professed animal lovers, it is up to us to speak for them and act on their behalf in a responsible, loving way.

        You have to keep on trying to do what’s best and strive to keep going. Its not easy, and the support of a vet is incredibly important when investigating alternative treatments (goes without saying that whatever you decide to do your vet should be kept informed). But you have love on your side – which counts for a lot!

      2. You are absolutely right. We went back to Manchester this morning to the homeopathic vet. It’s a long trek for us but so worth it. It doesn’t seem all so helpless now. Poor dog is exhausted tonight, as am I. I think a Monday night medicinal glass of wine might be in order. WINE ON A MONDAY??? Good Lord! What is the world coming to? 😀

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