As I was driving to work yesterday it crossed my mind, ‘wouldn’t it be brilliant just to feel whelmed?’  I’ve got so used to being overwhelmed that I can’t even remember what it’s like to be whelmed. I think I might like it though.

The thing about so many friends and family dying this year is that it’s made us take stock of our lives. We went to yet another funeral last week.  We’ve decided that we have to start living our lives before it’s too late.

As I’ve hinted at over the last week weeks, there have been some huge changes going on at Boofuls Towers and now it’s all starting to come together and I’m scared, excited and worried to the pit of my stomach. You can tell when I’m really stressed, that’s when I can’t string a coherent sentence together, or when my stomach ties itself in knots or when my eye starts to twitch. I’ve got all three at the moment. People meeting me for the first time think I have special needs! I can’t wait for this period of our lives to be  over –  so Boofuls and I can start our new life as hoteliers in Devon.

Over the last few months, on our many trips to Devon,  we’ve looked at lots of small hotels and B&B’s and have finally found the one for us.

Yes, yes, we do know it will be hard work, running a hotel thank you. Honestly, the number of people who have said that to us must think we have no concept of work or of what we’re doing and have decided to do this on a whim. Nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve done a lot of soul searching  and researching to get to this point.

Even our recent, wonderful trip to the pirate festival included a brief sojourn for Boofuls and I to go and see the  bank manager for a schmoozing session. Not in full pirate dress though, he might have found that intimidating.  That trip involved butterflies wearing hob nailed boots dancing the sailor’s hornpipe in my stomach. I thought I was going to be sick as our whole future depended on it. It went relatively well, more work to do yet to find the magic numbers.

So. Things are starting to gather speed: Genius that Boofuls is,  he sold his business last week. OH GOD!!! It’s gone from a dream to a plan. Not only that but it’s a plan we’ve put into action to the point of no return!

Come the end of this month he’ll be unemployed. Fantastic news. The only teeny downside of that is that my studio is in the same building and I also have to be out by the end of the month.  So much work to do and nowhere to do it. At the moment I’m trying to bring as many of  my appointments forward as possible and get them  done before the end of the May.  As for the rest, I’ll just have to do house calls. There is a definite downside to working for yourself. No giving notice and leaving when it’s convenient for us.

As of 1st June Boofuls is unemployed, I’ll be unemployed soonish, all we have to do now is sell the house and we’re off. Ideally we’d have sold the house first but that’s not how it worked out.

Wanna buy a farm, anyone? Please? It’s really quite urgent now.  No job, no income.  FFFFOOOOOOOOOOOOKK!

My brain has leapt forward a few months and is imagining all the worst case scenarios.  I’m not even going to begin to tell you about the juggling of just about every aspect of our lives we’re having to do  to make it all happen.

Ah yes, whelmed. What a lovely place to be.

Sorry if the story is all disjointed, it accurately reflects what’s going on in my brain at the moment.

Now. Where did I leave my comfort zone?



28 thoughts on “Whelmed”

    1. Thanks, Annabelle. I keep veering between utter terror and sheer excitement.The fact that we’ll be leaving some of the family behind as well isn’t helping. It seemed like such a good idea at the time (today’s an utter terror day).

      1. We’re hoping that’s the case – in fact we’re counting on it. Looking on the bright side, It’ll be a lovely venue for our afternoon tea with Vanessa when she pops over the pond again. 😀

  1. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I’m very pleased that you’re taking this leap of faith – lots of hard work to get there but … yeah … no doubt it’ll all come good in the end! 😀

      1. Oh really. Not much chance of a London dd bus in Devon. It’s blooming miles away!! I can show you all sorts of cultures, penicillin, botulism…..oh. Is that not what you meant 😀

      1. Oops – it is the zero to hero challenge – you came up on a search as today was the last day… not sure why if you were not participating, but nice to bump into you either way 🙂

      2. Oh, that explains it. I was doing the zero to hero challenge in January. I thought it had all finished. *puzzled face*

      3. Lol – we were told to do a search under the z to h tag.. hence why yours came up also. Sorry for the confusion. I thought to myself, I don’t remember seeing her participate.. maybe she just followed along and didn’t comment 😉

  2. How fantastically scary-exciting! I have friends who now run a B&B as a mid-life change and they love it. They started off by doing B&B “sitting” on weekends and when they found the right place for sale they plunged right in.

  3. WordPress ran Zero to Hero again, renaming it Blogging 101. Blogging 201 followed on in April and now another version (Blogging 301?) helping one develop a writing habit will begin in June. I bombed out on day 20 of the first one, but mean to go back and work though it sometime.

    I look forward to hearing about your new life coming up. All the best for your move, when it comes.

    1. Thanks for that, Christine. I only find out about these things by mistake and usually when it’s all over. Where do I need to go to find out things things and join in with them before they’re all aver 😀

      Thanks for the nice comments about our move. It seems to be hurtling towards us at a snail’s pace at the moment. So much to do but nothing seems to be moving.

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