It’s here!

After all our months of training it’s finally here! Douggie and I will be doing our first heel work to music competition tomorrow. EEEEEK!!!

Earlier this week I was on the point of backing out after Douggie seemed to forget even the basic moves never mind the fancy ones. I had visions of us standing in the middle of the arena like a couple of dopes while I tried to entice him to move.

So. As long as I don’t forget the routine and as long as he doesn’t come  over like he’d prefer to be having a kip we should be ok. I’ll post the video if it’s not too embarrassing.

Wish us luck!


4 thoughts on “It’s here!”

  1. I’m so pleased Douggie is back on top form! Wishing you and him the best of luck in heel work to music. This was one thing Millie was quite good at when I used to take her to ‘school’ – I sometimes feel guilty that we dropped out when I started fostering greyhounds.

    1. Thanks, Annabelle. We love our heel work, it’s brilliant fun when it all comes together, and so frustrating when it doesn’t!

      Don’t feel guilty about not doing htm with millie, I’m sure she lovesthe company of the greyhounds she gets to spend quality time with – and you can’t do everything, can you. I’m sure the greyhounds you foster prefer that you’ve dropped out 😀

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