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If you listen carefully you can hear a gentle fizzing sound and just next to that is a popping noise. That’s the sound of mine and Boofuls’ brains exploding.

Fair to say things have been a bit stressful over the last few days. Boofuls is now officially unemployed having handed the business over to its new owner yesterday.

Boofuls and I started that business just a few months after we got married, almost 29 years ago, and most of the staff had been with us most of that time. To say it was an emotional parting is like saying that Mount Everest is a big hill. I’ve finished my last day’s shooting at the studio and I just have a few loose ends to tie up then I too will be unemployed.

Lets hope that we get a buyer for our house soon or rather than moving to Devon and opening our hotel we’ll end up staying here, on benefits and living in a council house in Jeremy Kyle country.

At the moment I’m moving between sheer terror on a good day and wall to wall panic attacks on a bad one. Anyone want to buy a farm? Today? Please?




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  1. OMG! Scary stuff! I’d advise you to keep thinking (and visualising) positive, but I know it’s not easy when you’re bricking it!
    Sorry, I’d be useless trying to run a farm, but I’m wishing you all the best of luck finding a buyer.

  2. My Young One would LOVE to own a farm. I wouldn’t mind sending my Young One out of the country to run a farm, either. Unfortunately, she’s still “young” for another 3 years so unless I was to go to jail for child abandonment, we’ll have to pass on the farm. She’ll be heartbroken though. (She’s in farming classes as an elective at school. Strange kid…)
    Good luck, Lesley!

    1. Ah, go on, take a chance. No one wiwl notice she’s gone and if they do you can say she’s on an extended term of work experience. I’ll tell the neighbours here she’s just a young looking 30!

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