A pot pourri of, er, stuff

What’s been occurring at Boofuls Towers in the last few days?


But since I’m working on the basis that I’m sick of moaning and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me moan I’m not going to mention most of it. Suffice to say that we’ve learnt a lot about human nature in the last week or two and most of it has not been very nice. One notable exception has shone through and as normal it’s been Peewee Winklepop who has totally impressed us with her dignity, honesty and friendship. Thanks, Winklepop.

Moving on.

Lets go back in time: *wwwwweeeeooooooweeeeooooowwweeeeeeeeee wavy lines change the picture to bank holiday weekend*

Remember that Douggie and I were entering our first dance competition?  We did it!!

We didn’t win but we did manage to get placed in both classes. It was BRILLIANT!! Such a lot of fun – I think I’ve discovered that I’m a total show off – and so is Douggie. Being in front of a table full of judges and adjudicators didn’t phase us at all, we just enjoyed ourselves. Douggie, while he wasn’t exactly twinkle toed, plodded through the routine with a big soppy grin on his face while I bounced around like a, lunatic trying to coerce him to join in.

Here we are with our rosettes for first 6th place and then 7th place.  I can’t wait for the next one! We have a video of it but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ll post it when it’s ready.


I’ve now done my final week’s shooting at the studio. Now it’s just a big empty shell. Here is a memento of my last shoot. *sob*


Funnily enough, the last shoot was of a proper little brat. I couldn’t her out and get the shutters down behind her quickly enough. it took the sadness out of it for me and made me feel relieved I don’t have to do that again.


During the last week I shot a few photos of Douggie with some of my props. I’m not sure he was impressed with the first one teeheehee. I should call him Doris!Copyright


As a consolation prize for humiliating him in the studio I took him for  a nice long walk on the moors and of course he got muddied up to the eyeballs.  He was so muddy  that there really was no choice but to give him a bath. Funny thing about Douggie, he’ll get in the bath but he won’t get out of it. He sat there glaring balefully at me for a good half an hour while I tried to tempt him out with treats and by rattling his dinner dish but no,  he stayed there till Boofuls came home from work. If looks could kill, eh?


Summer’s here at Boofuls Towers and the little birdies have come back to nest in the barn again. I’m not sure if they are swallows or swifts but they are very pretty. I’ve been doing impressions of them. Do you want to see them?

Ok. Here’s my impression of a swallow:


Here’s my impression of a swift:

Wanna see it again?

Oh yes! Every one’s a winner, folks!



5 thoughts on “A pot pourri of, er, stuff”

    1. I don’t think he was so much embracing it as tolerating it to get his chops round the sausage he knew was on it’s way after the shoot.

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