Lightning doesn’t strike twice

Oh yes it does. Look. Here are my photographs from last night to prove it. Copyright





It wasn’t a completely lucky strike on my part. I knew a thunder storm had been forecast so I took my camera to bed with me. It was a hot and humid night and I was struggling to sleep so when the storm started, around 2.30 a.m. I was ready. The weather forecast made it sound like it was going to be really dramatic but it wasn’t. The thunder rumbled and grumbled and the lighting was mostly hidden behind the clouds so I’m really chuffed with what I got. Can I go back to bed now, please?

6 thoughts on “Lightning doesn’t strike twice”

    1. IT was forecast as a violent storm but it was more passive aggressive really, bit of a let down. Douggie didn’t even wake up. I had to keep stepping over him. IN any case, unless it’s really loud it doesn’t worry him much. He tends to look at me to see what my reaction is and if I’m nice and relaxed then so is he.

      1. Oh dear. Poor old Pearl. That could but uncomfortable. I have a friend who does something similar. She hides in the cupboard under the stairs. She’s not a dog but she is so scared of thunder that she still does it and she’s 54 now!

    1. Thanks, Christine. I’ve always wanted to have a go at photographing lightning but it’s the first time I’ve got
      my act together far enough in advance to actually be able to do it.

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