4 thoughts on “A few doggie photos”

  1. Oh, Lesley, these photos are adorable. Okay, and scary, but just the one where it looks like your sweet pets have decided to tear a small child limb from limb. The others make my heart swell a size or two. Beautiful work!

    1. Thank you 😀 It isn’t really a small child being torn apart. It’s my dog’s favourite toy which he brought out to share with his two smaller playmates.

  2. Love the cat and dog companionship in the last photo. My last dog used to let the cat wash her when she was young, though she objected when she got older, like a teenager who doesn ‘t want Mum wiping her face with a spat-on hanky, And God help any cat who goes near Millie or Pearl!

    1. That’s Mrs Woofy and the kitties Loki and Gandalf, they’re only 8 weeks old and have known Mrs Woofy since they were born. Their mum, Mitzi isn’t quite so pleasant. I don’t blame your dog for not wanting cat spit all over her. Ew!

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