In other news…..

The complaints department took a call the other day. “Your blog is making me really sad lately. Can’t you do a happy post like you used to?” Ummm……no. Nothing cheery here. Move on along now.

My sense of humour, fun, tolerance and any kind of joie de vivre seems to have fooked right off.

On the bright side – when the going gets tough, the tough start decorating. My living room and bathroom now have lovely new wallpaper so I suppose every cloud has a silver lining. So, what’s this other news then? Well, this happened weeks ago, actually but I haven’t had the metal strength to be bothered to tell you about it. It’s a funny thing, mental strength. You wouldn’t think you’d need it just to speak but you really do – as I’ve discovered. I can be sitting in the car with Boofuls and suddenly think, ‘Oh. I didn’t tell Boofuls that’ but it just takes too much effort to drag the words from my brain and out of my mouth so I don’t bother. So instead I’ll sit there quietly while a million thoughts whizz round in my brain trying to get out.

What? Oh yeah, what happened weeks ago….sorry, I got distracted.

Batty got a guide dog!  Among one of the youngest to get one in this country, it has given her a new independence. Now she can get herself to and from school etc. What a shame the dickheads at school have decided to bully her because they can’t treat the dog like a pet and play with it. They don’t seem to understand it’s a working dog.

On the subject of dogs. Douggie the doggie has been to see the vet after his major trauma in Wales. The vet has decided to put him onto phenobarbital, a drug I’ve been trying to avoid because of the long term health implications of it. I hate what it’s doing to him. The light has gone out of his eyes and he’s turned into an anxious, whiny, listless dog with flashes of madness and manic behaviour in between. He’s spent most of this week actually sitting on my knee and at 5 stone that’s not the most comfortable thing. If he’s not on my knee then he’s trying to get on it. Poor little sod has no idea what’s going on, he just knows he feels terrible. I hope it’s true what they say and that these side effects will only last for a few weeks because it’s heartbreaking to watch him.

Right. I’ve spent the last ten minutes starting at my screen and wondering what else is new this week. Nothing at all you’d want to hear about, it’s been traumas and dramas all the way so I’ll go now and take the dog out.


10 thoughts on “In other news…..”

  1. No wonder you’re feeling down after all you’ve been through recently – grief takes time to heal. Poor Douggie, too. My brother had petit mal seizures as a child and was on phenobarbitol for a couple of years – he seemed to adjust to it. Hopefully Douggie will, too.

    1. Thank you, Gwendoline. A hug is always appreciated.

      When I was doing my degree in photography the lecturer was very upset one day. I said to him that he looked so fed up that I’d have given him a hug if it wasn’t totally inappropriate. He told me a friendly hug is never inappropriate. I’ve put that lesson to good use many times 😀

  2. My daughter was on phenobarbitol for six weeks after she was born. She had a twitching episode during the first day or so while I was feeding her, and the doc only told me about the medication on the day I went home. She turned out okay, didn’t need to go on with it. I hope Douggie has settled into the new meds by now – two months later.

    1. That must have been terrifying for you. Poor little baby. I’m glad she’s ok now. Douggie will be on it for the rest of his life now but I can’t complain about it as it has extended the time between his seizures tremendously.

      1. In those one stayed in hospital for 10 days (41 years ago now!), I came out Christmas Day and the doc told me just before we left. But she had no more twitches – it was just a precautionary measure – but, yes, I was on edge for some time. I’m glad Douggie has shown improvement, makes it worthwhile.

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