Adipose Anonymous

It was all a bit lively at my weekly Adipose Anonymous meeting this morning. My newly rediscovered joie do vivre must have been on show because as soon as I walked in up went a shout of “Hey! Our Lesley’s back! We’ve missed you.”

“I’ve been here every week.”

“yeah but now YOU’RE back.”

Heh. That was nice. There was a lot of giggling and silliness going on today. At one point the leader told us that we were being obstreperous. Ha! That was a mistake. Just about every one in the room tried out their own way of saying it and the consensus was that locally it’s pronounced ‘obstrockolous.’ Funny, that’s how my first husband used to say it.

Anyway, you may put your congratulations in the comments box, dear reader. Yours truly is officially no longer a porky bint as I’ve got back to my goal weight. Yay! That’s been hard work. Fair to say I’m feeling very pleased with my little self today. Things are looking up.

On a totally non related note:

I was standing in the kitchen the other day cleaning up the debris that occurs and a ridiculously regular basis when I heard a sound like water pouring.

“What the ………? Oh no!!!”

I’d somehow and without noticing knocked over a jug of water and the whole lot poured off the worktop and straight into a 12 kilo bag of dog food.  Fer Gawd’s sake!! You couldn’t make it up.

Not prepared to throw away £60 of dog food I spread it all out on baking trays and spread them out all over the kitchen to dry out. My God, that stuff stinks when it’s out of the bag! Poo-wee! It took two days to dry it all out. It didn’t cross my mind to put it in the oven to dry out  until I was scooping the last bit back into it’s bag.



8 thoughts on “Adipose Anonymous”

      1. That about sums it up, Meredith. I need to do it though or my natural gluttony would take over and I’d be the size of a small island after a while 🙂

    1. I think the whole house might have smelled disgusting as he eats a vile fishy, meaty concoction that stinks to high heaven. Believe me, you don’t want any doggie kisses when he’s just finished eating.

  1. Congratulations on your weight loss. I have to say though, all around me, people keep losing weight – and I keep finding it! I will have to have a stern word with myself when I get back home, and right on top of the silly season too.

    1. I’m feeling your pain, Gwendoline. It’s a perennial battle to keep my natural love of good food in check. That’s why I keep going to WW, the leader looks over her glasses at me and I feel like I’m back at school and having to explain my actions. I’m sure a psychologist would make a lot of that hahaaa.

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