Manly Barrilow

Manly Barrilow seems to be popping up on our screens a lot lately. Boofuls and I were catching up on some of last weeks tv after we got home from Devon last night. Sure enough, halfway through the Jonathan Ross show, up popped Manly shamelessly promoting his latest album in which he sings songs with dead people.

Now I don’t want to be cruel here but really, Manly, lay off the plastic surgery and/or botox, you’re starting to look plasticised. Obviously I’m not the only one to notice.

Jonathan Ross, in his usual discreet way asked Manly if he’s indulged in a spot of er…enhancement which was vehemently denied. “No, this is just how I look at seventy.”

Oh really?

Clearly Philip Schofield didn’t believe him, if the evidence of his rolling eyes and incredulous expression are to be believed, and quite frankly, Manly, I don’t believe you either. You should be careful about telling porky’s like that, you’ll end up with a great big, long schnoz. Oh no, wait, too late!

A funeral direct friend of ours made the comment that Manly looked like he’d been embalmed. Ha! That’s a good trick, pre death embalmment to preserve your failing looks. I’m sure there’d be a market for it. Maybe there already is and Manly is one of the first people to partake of the treatment.

He hasn’t lost his ability to sing though, unlike some stars of the seventies who have been trotted out for our entertainment recently he did manage to get through a short song without wheezing and puffing all the way through.

I heard him on the radio as well yesterday. He was singing a song that used to be one of my favourites but I can never join in because it just sounds ridiculous if an  English person tries to sing it.  Mnay a karaoke artist would do well to recognise that fact.

Anyway, It goes a bit like this,  join in when you recognise it.

Oh you know I caren’t smile without you

I caren’t smile without you

I caren’t laugh and I caren’t sing

I’m finding it hard to do anything

Because I feel sed when you’re sed

I feel gled when you’re gled

If you only noo

Whad I’m going through

I just kent smiiiiiiiile without you.

Y’see, English people singing American style just doesn’t work. It sounds and feels ridiculous. I just doesn’t work in an English accent either. Oh well, best keep away from that particular Manly song.

Some songs just won’t cross the pond.



4 thoughts on “Manly Barrilow”

  1. I reckon Cliff Richard is another recipient of the premature embalming procedure. As for Manly Barrilow (LOL) he was probably a compulsive pork pie merchant in his last incarnation, hence the Pinocchio schnozz in this one! 😀

    1. Hahahaa Pork pie merchant – I love that! I agree about Sir Cliff but surely he wouldn’t tell a porky pie about being embalmed, would he? A devout christian like him? No! Nay! Never!

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