He’d kick himself if he had a leg to stand on

Poor old Boofuls, he’d kick himself if he had a leg to stand on. I’ve got one grumpy and angry chappie on my hands, he can’t quite believe that one little slip can cause 3 months of disruption.

He is now the proud owner of a nice metal plate and a few screws in his leg. It’ll be 6 weeks before the cast comes off and then another six weeks recovery.

He’s out of hospital now and struggling to get round on crutches and with strict instructions to put no weight on his broken leg at all for six weeks.  That won’t cause us any issues at all, will it (she said sarcastically). How I wish we’d had a downstairs loo put in when we talked about it instead of shelving the idea as being too expensive.

It was great fun when we were attempting to give him a bath yesterday.  Getting him in was ok, getting him out was so much more difficult, heart stopping and comical at the same time. Boofuls wasn’t seeing the funny side though as he huffed and puffed and heaved while he waved his bad leg, wrapped in  a bin liner,  around in the air. It was quite funny to watch. Mind you, if I’d have laughed I might have got a crutch up the side of my head.

Bionic Boofuls, as he’s now been dubbed, has been reduced to watching daytime tv and wearing fat boy pants. It’s fair to say he’s not impressed. Well. There’s not a lot we can do about it now. All we can do now is crack on and make the best of it.

So, I’m not going to do one of those end of year review jobbies that people are so fond of. I can sum up 2014 quite easily in three words. The. Worst. Ever. I’m so  glad it’s gone.

It hasn’t been quite the start to the new year I was hoping for but I console myself with the fact that Booful’s  accident happened in 2014 so 2015 is still on track to be a great year.

On a different  note, Douggie the doggie has been loving the ice. He has taken to running up to his favourite paddling ditch, smashing the ice by repeatedly jumping up and down on it till it breaks and then running off with huge chunks of it in his mouth. It’s hysterical to watch.  He was distraught this morning when all the ice had melted.

The second of January saw me back at work for my florist friend. She had two weddings booked and had failed to develop the ability to be in two places at once. That,  and an unexpected trip to Heathrow which cost her ten hours saw her at the point of tears so I went along to help, as did another friend of hers. Thank goodness we did. Twenty minutes before we had to set off to our respective destinations to deliver the flowers there were still ten table wreaths to make and four bouquets. You have never seen three people work so fast. Did we manage it?  ‘Course we did.

I was glad of the distraction to be honest as Boofuls was due for his operation and it took my mind off it for a while.

I walked into my bride’s  house with the flowers and was immediately transported back to my wedding photographer days. It’s an atmosphere like no other, the bridal prep and I didn’t realise I missed it till I experienced it again. It was lovely.

At the church a short while later with all the buttonholes for the groom and groomsmen, I watched  the groom paced nervously as he greeted the guests. I saw about twenty thousand photo opportunities and mentally clicked them all.

Yup. It’s official, I miss weddings.




12 thoughts on “He’d kick himself if he had a leg to stand on”

  1. I really do think weddings are magical and I like you am always pleased to be at one unlike others who dread them. Poor Boofuls – although the bath scene does sound rather funny. True it did happen in 2014 and not this year (‘this year’ that sounds weird) which is great way to look at it. Both me and my Mum are rather accident prone and live in a terrace house with narrow steep stairs. We keep a bucket under the sink ;0)

    1. I love snow and ice, the more the better. Mind you, I am the girl who went to the Arctic for her holidays a few years back. Boofuls, he’s not so keen on ice, especially bearing in mind recent events.

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