Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday to you people of Blogdom. I hope that whatever you’re doing today you have a great day.

My day has consisted so far of screaming at Boofuls to shuddup snoring and swearing at the dog for bouncing round like an idiot at 7.00 a.m. telling me to get up. Boofuls, in an attempt to make amends for keeping me awake half the night with his appalling racket offered to get up and let me have a lie in. A red letter day indeed. That doesn’t happen very often!

So lie in I did. Not waking up till 9.30.  Lazy mare!

Normally I could have booted Boofuls out to go and sleep in the spare room but I stripped the bed completely yesterday and since he hasn’t snored for weeks I didn’t re make it. Bad timing, Boofuls, bad timing.

Now I am finally out of my bed, Douggie the doggie is looking at me sideways wondering if he dares suggest we go for a walk. Not yet, Douggie, Im busy blogging and drinking my concoction of hot water, cinnamon, lemon and honey. A much more pleasant way to start the day than claggy coffee.

It snowed yesterday. Not your lovely big, fluffy, happy snowflakes. Oh no, yesterday’s snow fell from an angry and brooding sky which snowed bitter and mean, sharp, stinging snow mixed with hailstones that made you pull your hood up, get your head down and get home as soon as possible. It looks nice though. I took a few photographs on my phone while I was out even though the wind sent the hailstones straight into my face. I sure do suffer for my art! Maybe I should have waited till today as a lot more snow fell during the night and it really does look nice  offset by a bright blue sky.

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Morning”

    1. Thanks for the nice comments about the photos you snory bird! I bet you’ve had some snow by now! It was heaving it down with the white stuff a couple of hours ago. I had to get the bloke with the cast out of the car and up the drive without breaking his other leg. Eeeeeek!

    1. Thank you, Annabelle. I’m glad Millie and Pearl approve.

      Sometimes I walk down that field with the chap who owns it. He thinks I’m barking mad when I talk about how he has the dragon, the serpent, the totem pole, Stonehenge and Michelangelo’s bust of David all in his field. Only when I point them out can he see them and he’s lived here all his life. Funny how it can take fresh eyes for you to see what’s right under your nose. Or maybe I, and you, have particularly vivid imaginations.

    1. Actually, girls, it’s a dragon. I think it’s a portal to fairyland, I see something different every time I go on it. It’s a brilliant field. He’s always amazed when I point out various things. Only this morning I saw three deer – real ones, strolling along in front of us. Great start to the day. 😀

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