Wot? No marmite?

And they call themselves a civilised country?

What on earth am I wittering on about I can hear you thinking.

Marmite. That’s what.

Hands up if you like Marmite.

Hands up if you hate Marmite.

Fairly even split there, I think.

It have a definite love or hate polarising effect. I’ve never heard anyone say they’re ambivalent towards it, mostly because people who eat Marmite don’t use words like ambivalent.

Hands up if you’ve never heard of it.

Personally, I love Marmite. Marmite on toast, in beans, as a hot drink, on soldiers…

Whoa! Hold on a minute.

Marmite on soldiers?  * Mmmmmmm…..*takes on dreamy expression*

THAT was a mental picture I was enjoying until I was jolted back to reality by mentally hearing Boofuls shout OI!

Let me clarify, dear reader. I meant Marmite on bread soldiers to dip into my boiled eggs. That doesn’t mean I’m necessarily saying that you can’t put Marmite on real soldiers, preferably a royal marine,   and lick it off but I can’t as Boofuls won’t be terribly happy about it.

For those of you readers who have never heard of it I can tell you it’s a yeast extract, the same as Vegemite. Absolutely, delicious, nutritious and very good for you.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that it’s banned  in Canada! Apparently it’s a bit too good for you. The fact that it has been enriched with vitamins has got it placed on the black list, which is ironic because it is black.

I thought Canada was a civilised country.  So civilised that we were on the verge of emigrating there a few years ago. Well. I couldn’t possibly emigrate to a place that doesn’t have Marmite!

Canada, you are officially off my christmas card list.

Here’s the full story: Canada orders Briton to stop selling Marmite and Irn Bru

What’s Irn Bru? It’s made from girders and Scots people drink it with vodka.  It’s vile.



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