When you wish upon a star

When you wish upon a star

Makes no difference who you are

When you wish upon a star

Your dreams come true

Well. We’ve only been and gone and done it.

Never under estimate the power of a wish, dream, positive thought and good old blood, sweat, tears and hard graft. Also, never listen to the nay sayers who tell you you’re being unrealistic and to forget your dream and do something ‘normal’.

When Boofuls and I wished upon our star it took a couple of years to come true but it finally happened last week.

We’ve packed up and shipped out.

No longer Lancashire hotpots. Now we are oficially Devon dumplings.

I’d love to say that it’s all been a breeze, however, it’s been anything but.

For non regular readers ( where have you been?! ) who haven’t a clue what I’m talking about, I’ll fill you in.

Boofuls, mon hubby, told me many, many years ago that he’d always wanted to buy a hotel. I’ve always wanted to live by the sea. After years and years of being stuck on the work treadmill a few things happened, most notably the death of a few close family members, that made us re evaluate our lives. If we were ever going to follow our dreams then the time was upon us. It really was a ‘now or never’ situation.

Here is the heavily abridged story:

We finally found a buyer for our house at the end of October. It took until last Friday to get all the legal stuff sorted and get to completion. Straightforward it was not. Apparently we had an open mine shaft on or land! Really? Don’t even start me off about United Utilities. Anyway, before I start to rant…

We found a place we wanted to buy in September of last year. Having gone a long way down the route of buying it, the seller changed his mind.

Oh. Crap.

With the probability of being homeless in a few weeks time, we dashed down to Devon the day after Boofuls had the plaster off his leg in order to go and find a place to rent until we found a place to buy. What we didn’t want to do was rush into buying a place in a panic and it’s far easier to do business in place if you’re already there, hence looking for a short term (hopefully) let while we continued the search for a suitable property.

While we were looking for a rental place we also viewed five hotels for sale.

Four of them were utter rubbish. One of them we had particularly high hopes for had a string of awards. When we got to the place we realised that all these awards were from the 70’s and 80’s and it hadn’t been touched since. It was depressing in the extreme.

We went from one dreary place to another. Poor old Boofuls was walking on a leg that really shouldn’t have been walked on. The only word to describe the swelling is ‘elephantine’. He was in agony but still soldiered on, looking at dreary hotel after dreary hotel.

We’d lost the will to live and were very despondent when…

We walked into one hotel, which, if it didn’t tick all the boxes certainly ticked most of them.

Ooh. We perked up a bit.

We went for a second look the day after. Actually, it was better than we remembered it.

We put in an offer there and then. And it was accepted!

Since then life has been a bit of a blur. Packing, sorting, throwing stuff away, giving and selling our many and varied belongings has kept me particularly busy. Poor Boofuls on the other hand got the dirty end of the stick. Since he wasn’t able to do any of the physical stuff he copped for doing all the paperwork, organising, phone calls and legal stuff. I wouldn’t have swapped places with him for a gold clock.

Of course we couldn’t get the sale of our home to coincide with the purchase of the hotel so we’ve still ended up in rented accommodation.

All our furniture has gone into storage and we are living temporarily in a holiday apartment we’ve stayed in a couple of times before. Lashes and Munki have an apartment on the floor above us.

Three days before we were due to move Boofuls had a short flirtation with a dvt. It’s fair to say that his poor leg was the size of a tree trunk and very hot and angry looking. That was a tense twenty four hours before the test results came back negative.

Two days before we were due to move, Lashes…well. That’s not my story to tell. All I can say about it is that it was horrendous and she handled it beautifully.

It felt for a while as that as soon as we sorted out a major problem an even bigger problem dropped into it’s place to fill the void. It was a very trying time.

Eventually though, the chaos began to take on some semblance of order.

Most of our big furniture went on a lorry to Devon to be put into storage.

We said goodbye to our family and friends during a particularly emotional party at our old home last Thursday. We were shocked at how many people turned up to wish us well. So many people in fact that our little lane couldn’t cope with the volume of traffic and some people didn’t even make it to the party but instead gave up trying to reach us and went home. We were even more shocked at how emotional people were. We had no idea how much we meant to people. It was very upsetting and extremely humbling. Even the grumpy old farmer down the road cried as he said goodbye.

I want to say at this point a massive and very public thank you to the people who pitched in and helped us over the last few weeks. Boofuls, Lashes and I really couldn’t have done it without you. Anyway, before I cry again…

Last Saturday, 28th February, we loaded up a second lorry with our remaining possessions and The Rev drove it with my sister’s husband as co driver to the far end of the country, as far away as you can get and still be in this country.

Then they unpacked it all in the pouring rain and stowed it safely at the storage unit before driving all the way back home again.

I’m going to gloss over that day. Let’s just say that it was difficult and many tears were shed.

Since then we have been settling into our new temporary home by the sea until we move it our very own hotel. When I say hotel, I mean bed and breakfast.

Yes, we do know it will be hard work, thank you. Many, many, many people have told us so as they purse their lips and intake air. Let’s work on the basis that Boofuls and I aren’t stupid and we are both used to running a business, which included working twelve hour days. Sorry if that sounded aggressive. Refer back to the top to the many nay sayers with massive opinions based   on nothing.

Another rant averted. This sea air must be good for my disposition.

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we can move in to our very own place. In the meantime, we’re perfecting our Devonshire accents and massively overdoing the clotted cream teas and scrumpy.

So there we are. Who would have thought when Boofuls and I wished upon our star so long ago that eventually our dream would come true.


10 thoughts on “When you wish upon a star”

      1. It will be a while I think, before I have the chance to get there again, but I certainly would love to spend time in Devon – and drinking Scrumpy would be the cream on the cake (screwed up analogy?)

  1. Reblogged this on Tripping Over Pebbles No More and commented:

    Ah yes…those wwere the days. It brought it all back, reading this.

    Maybe when I have a particularly trying day I should just come back and read this post and it will remind me of the turmoil in our lives at that time and that actually, life is pretty darned good here in Devon.

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