I think I’m going to like it here



6 thoughts on “I think I’m going to like it here”

  1. A wonderful selection of stunning sights. That collection of polished glass and whatever is especially magical. I haven’t visited for awhile, so glad to hear your waiting is almost over!

    1. Thank you Christine. The coloured glass is sea glass I’ve picked up on my beach excursions. I did say a little bit about each photograph but then stupidly pressed a wrong key on this silly laptop I’m using and lost it all.

      1. I read the original text in the email, luckily. 😀 I wouldn’t be able to resist that seaglass, no matter how big my collection got! Gorgeous.

      2. It is gorgeous, isn’t it. I used to walk along the beach with my head held high enjoying te sun. Now I scuffle along, head bowed looking for treasure. People must think I’m depressed.

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