Well that was an interesting week

We  took the no vacancies sign off the door and we opened the doors for business this week.


Our very first guests, two business men on a one night stay, turned up at the appointed hour. We fawned and faffed over them like they were royalty. They must have wondered what the hell was going on.

Bright and early for breakfast I got everything ready. Boofuls and Lashes fluttered around nervously while I paced up and down the kitchen and barked at anyone who came too close.

How many times have I cooked breakfasts for many people at once? Hundreds. Have I flapped about it? No. Yet here I was a total nervous wreck. All I had left to cook was the eggs. The rest of the full English  was ready to be plated up. Bob came in with their order.

Poached eggs! Fecking poached eggs!  Not only that they wanted tinned tomatoes and I’d cooked fresh.  Awkward sods.

Dammit. My brain switched off and I went into full panic mode. How it’s possible to use so many pans to make breakfast for two men is beyond me but use them I did. What a mess the kitchen was when I’d finished. Still the guests were happy so that’s ok.

Off they went on their way. Phew! We did it!

A couple of days later we  learnt a valuable lesson.  We’d decided that once we had no one booked in we’d all go out for a meal. Lashes wanted to try the Mexican restaurant near the harbour.  Boofuls was mightily relieved when it was closed and we ended up in the Italian across the road instead.

Just as the wine was served Boofuls took a phone call.

” Hello, we have a reservation at your hotel and there is no one here.” Boofuls went a funny shade of puce. “I’m so sorry, I’m not aware of any booking for tonight.”

“We booked on Late Rooms a few minutes ago.”


We asked the waitress to keep our wine aside and we’d be back in an hour. Back we dashed back to the hotel to find three men standing on the drive. They wanted three single rooms. Dammit. I haven’t finished deep cleaning all the rooms yet. We had to put them in a single, a double and a superking. The chap with the superking was well happy.

The single had been on the days list for deep cleaning and apart from a few bits and pieces it was all ready. Lashes and I dashed to finish it off and put the hospitality tray, towels  etc. in while Boofuls kept them talking. That was a manic 10 minutes.

We got them safely into their rooms and then went back to the restaurant to finish our meal, wide eyed, breathless and shell shocked. That will be the last time we leave the hotel totally  unattended for a while. Lesson learned.

We got back after our meal and the chaps asked if they could have an early breakfast.  “Of course, what time?” Seven o’clock. Oh well, early start for me.

Again I had all the full English ready. Working men will want  hearty breakfast, I thought. Totally faff and stress free I might add and with minimal use of pans.  Boofuls came in with the orders. Scrambled egg, bacon and beans and poached egg on toast. Not a sausage or full English  in sight.Bloody hell. Boofuls and I are going to end up eating a lot of sausage and bacon at this rate. Oh well. At least the guests were happy.



12 thoughts on “Well that was an interesting week”

    1. neither did we, Chrissie. Lol, it was exciting for a few minutes! Of course by exciting I mean the stuff nervous breakdowns are made of lol

    1. Why, thank you! Our Full English is delicious, the local butcher makes the sausages for us and they are the best I’ve ever tasted. Come and try them anytime, you’ll be more than welcome. 😀

    1. The funny thing is that I”ve cooked many a breakfast and in multiple amounts with no stress at all. But that first morning was ridiculous. Let’s hope I calm down a bit by the weekend as it’s young farmers week and we have 24 of them staying with us. Now THAT’S a lot of cooking!

      1. I’m counting on it, Annabelle. In fact I’m modifying the menu to make a full monty about the only choice 😀

  1. Good luck with this big week! We have twice stayed in places where we have been the first guests. We knew it, and we were quite happy to go along with the learning curve, although at the first – a motel on our honeymoon! – they did unpack all the crockery into the kitchen cupboards on the other side of our bedhead until 2 in the morning. At least we were able to tell them in the nicest possible way that perhaps they should switch the bedroom layout around or let that room last in future. As for REQUESTING tinned tomatoes . . . I am still gagging on having been served them on a previous visit to the UK. We only use them in cooking casseroles, stews, and so on here in Australia. Otherwise, FRESH is BEST in my book.

    1. That made me laugh, it’s not ay to start your married life. Talk about putting a dampener on your wedding night! AS for the tinned tomatoes, I totally agree. Tinned? Pah! Peasants!

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