I flippin’ love apples, me!

I found this in the archives earlier. The photos made me smile, I hope they make you smile too.

Tripping Over Pebbles No More

Lashes has been redecorating her kitchen and decided that the perfect thing to finish it off would be a large photograph of Munki munching on an apple.”Get to it Mum.” Came the instruction.

God! If I charged this lot the going rate I’d be a bloody millionaire by now!

Anyway, we discussed how she wanted it to look and Len was dispatched to get the correct accessories; apples. “Green not red. Goddit? Green. Don’t get red, yellow or a combination, we only want green. Bright green. What colour are you going for?”

I’m not saying that she didn’t trust him to get the correct apples but she certainly drummed it in to him. Poor Len just looked at me ruefully before replying with that ‘covers everything’ comment, ‘Yes, love.” to Lashes and going off on his mission.

We did the shoot in the studio yesterday.  Munki immediately  grasped what we…

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