Meet the latest addition to the family

I just went on a short trip dow memory lane and came across this post from when Douggie the doggie landed in our lives. He’ll be four next month. How time flies!

Tripping Over Pebbles No More

Ok, you’re all dying to know. How did the interview go?

What interview? All that stress for nothing.

There I was all nervous and worked up, worried that they’d take one look at us and announce us to be unfit as dog owners. It was nothing like that.

We got to the lady’s house at exactly the appointed time. She came out to meet us,  directed us to follow her to the kennels, jumped in her car and off we went for a nice fifteen minute jaunt through the countryside to the rescue centre.

“Well, they must be going to interview us there then.”


I must have done a good enough job on the phone as she really seemed to think it was a done deal. No further questions M’lud.

A little white ball of fluff was brought out to meet us. I’d like to say that he was…

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