Are you sure?

Heh, I was having a little readette of my last post when this one popped up. It made me chuckle and I thought it might make you chuckle too. Enjoy!

Tripping Over Pebbles No More

Bit of an unusual day yesterday in that I had the urge to do some baking.

That’s unusual on it’s own but even more so due to the fact that I’ve had a major dose of lurgy (thanks for that, clingon no.1 ) and have been miserably sneezingly and coughingly, (quite often at the same time), splutteringly, freezingly, boilingly, headachingly, eardrum itchingly (is that only me or does anyone else get it as an early warning signal?) nose runningly, cotton wool brainingly  and sore throatingly struggling through the week.

Most of yesterday I spent weak as a kitten on the settee, groaning and waiting to death to release me before my 4pm appointment with a wedding couple.  Lemsipped up to the eyeballs I managed to get through that meeting without being too obviously ill.

We’d made plans for Lashes and Len to come over for tea (dinner, to you posh…

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