“It was very good” “Damn you”

It’s been a bit of an eye opener the last year or so as our new career as hoteliers has really taken off.

We’ve discovered that guests, or would be guests to be more precise, are totally driven by rating and reviews.

We have worked our little tushies off to make everyone’s stay here as comfortable as we possibly can. We have spent all our time since we moved in making it as clean, cosy and pleasant as possible.  It really does matter to us that people have a nice time, not only for the ratings but it’s fair to say that most hoteliers live in fear of trip advisor.

You know how it works, guest leaves, guest leaves review, end of story. Yes? Nope.

After months and months, about twelve to be exact, of hard graft we managed to get our little establishment into the top ten in our area on Trip Advisor.  YEAH!! TOP TEN!! Hearty back slaps all round!!

Next along comes a review from a guest who left that day. The review pretty much said everything was fine, they enjoyed their stay. Perfect. We’ll take that.

The guest rated us as ‘Very Good’. YEAH!! Very good! Well done us.

Next thing you know is that we have dropped FOUR PLACES in the ratings. WHAT? Why?

It would appear that being very good is not good enough. It’s so not good enough that you will get penalised for only being very good.

Anything less than an excellent rating isn’t deemed as good at all. Anything less than an excellent rating is essentially a poor rating.

That, my dear reader, is why hoteliers live in fear of Trip Advisor.

Get one of those people who say to your face that everything is lovely and no, there really isn’t anything you can get them, they are having a lovely time – and then leave a stinking review are absolutely the worst kind of guest. We’ve only had one of those, luckily.

So. on behalf of all the bed and breakfast and small hotel owners, the  people who live, breathe and sleep their jobs, who’s whole livelihood depends on the income they get from their guests, I beg of you. Please play fair. If you have a complaint, give the hotelier a chance to put it right rather than lie sweetly to their faces and then leave a stinker review.


6 thoughts on ““It was very good” “Damn you””

  1. People are so strange!! If you have nothing kind ( very good or excellent ) to say then do not say it. I live by my Nanna’s words. You know the trip advisor review things I like best? Where the venue replies. Especially to the nasty reviews. It’s top notch reading!!! Hope you did to your two faced guest!

    1. I was brought up by that maxim as well. However, we live in a very different world now.Booofuls was brilliant with his Trip Advisor reply to the two faced guest. He wasn’t rude at all but she had complained that the room was cold and then when we gave her a heater it was like a sauna. Boofuls said in his reply that he would have happily shown her how to use the thermostat or the off switch if only she’s asked. Laugh? I nearly bought a round! It was worth the bad review!

  2. I agree. I used to work in hospitality myself so am sensitive to the subject. Recently I did leave a review on Tripadvisor that left out some of the not so good bits – but I made a point of emailing the manager and letting him know where they fell down, and which staff were doing the right thing. It was not a owner-operated establishment so no opportunity it directly on the day.

    1. Now that is exactly what we’d love. We are very open to constructive criticism, in the end it can only help us to improve our service. You’ve just gone to No.1 on my list! I think we owner operated take it all the more personally when we feel an attack is unwarranted.

      1. I agree. There is so much of your heart and soul in the job. I used to work at Michael’s Nook Country House Retreat in Grasmere in the late 70s. I kept returning. Worked every season except summer. Gosh! We worked hard!! Polish the silver one day, polish the timber the next, and again, and again. The restaurant was in the Egon Ronay guide. While we were downstairs elegantly serving the guests their five course dinners, one of us was always dashing upstairs to boil a kettle, fill hot water bottles, turn down the beds, find the lady’s nightie, lay it out with a tiny waist tucked in, etc etc etc. Funny as an episode from Fawlty Towers. Before service we ate egg and chips off plastic plates in the basement room that used to be a cold safe. You can imagine how we would have felt if anyone criticised us at the end of all that! (no one did, to the best of my knowledge.)

      2. You’ve pretty much described life here! I can imagine you paddling like hell underneath and all serene and smiley on top. It’s hard going but so rewarding.

        Funny thing is that although we have never had a house any near as big as this in the past, our own living accommodation is tiny, just a flat. It proper peeves me when guests walk in there or try to look in. It’s just off the dining room but it’s the route to the kitchen so we can’t close the door. It’s the only private space we’ve got and I object to it being invaded. At least it’s not in a cold safe though *shivers at the thought*

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