Mite shite and seagull stools

It’s a bit of a shit post, this one. The reason for this is that we seem to have more than our fair share of er…emissions form various critters round here.

Firstly, Lashes decided to put a bird feeder in a tree in the garden. The tree that we tend to park under when the car park is full of guest’s cars. The result is that the birds gorge themselves on the delicious goodness that comes in the form of nuts and seeds and then poop it all out  – all over our car!

The other day it looked like we’d been bombarded by a squadron of seagulls suffering from the aftermath of a night on the beer followed by a good hot curry. Seagull stools covered the entire roof of the car and down the sides, so disgusting that it warranted an immediate trip to the car wash.

I wouldn’t have minded so much if the bird feeder had encouraged the song bids into the garden, oh no. All we got were the dive bombing seagulls. Tsk

Moving from the back of the house to the front, it would appear that the lime trees on our road are host to a colony of mites. Mites that drop their poo will nilly wherever they feel, but mostly all over our car, leaving it a sticky, dusty disgusting mess.

Oh well, at least our almost daily trips to the car wash mean that for once in our life we have a lovely, shiny bright car – until we park it up again. Haha.


4 thoughts on “Mite shite and seagull stools”

  1. Ha ha! I have a similar problem. I love the birds that live in the conifers in my front garden, but not the guano they produce. I’ve tried explaining that the car and the mailbox are not a toilet, but they don’t seem to have got the message.

  2. The bloke has Lime trees in his shared front garden and the ‘pissing mites’ that come with it. It makes my face really itchy and I start sneezing but luckily there is a side gate I walk all the way around to use instead smh. Shame there’s no song birds hon x

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