This afternoon I was a bit stuck for something to write about – well, I wasn’t but there was nothing I could write on here that is suitable for a family audience.

Many times I have contemplated started another blog on another site and calling it ‘The Dark Side’ and then posting on there all the bitching, anger, sarcasm, hurt and drama that I can’t post on here because too many people I know read this and they might be a bit shocked at what really goes on in my head. It would be a good way of getting the stuff out of my head though and freeing up a bit of room for less troublesome thoughts.

It would appear that I have a reputation for being quite outspoken. Really? You should hear the stuff I don’t say! I think I have some quite hefty filters between my brain and my mouth, really you’d be amazed at what would come out if I didn’t filter it.

The only reason I don’t start another blog (and I haven’t so don’t bother looking for it, Boofuls) is that I don’t want all that negativity in one place. Spreading it about a bit weakens it.

Anyway, back to the plot.

Because I was struggling for a topic to talk about I went onto the daily prompts and the word of the day is Winsome Obviously, my first thought, being the highly educated, well travelled  and wordly woman that I am, was ‘lose some.’

Funny thing though, I already seem to have written a blog post so I don’t need the prompt after all. Oh well, Daily prompts, some days you win some and some days you lose some.

There, did I get it in context?  hahahahahahaaa

7 thoughts on “winsome”

  1. Ha ha! I love a good rant, me – especially when it’s funny. I like to think I’m pretty good at amusing rants and sometimes I’m tempted to post them, but, as a writer, I’ve been advised that rants do not sell books. That’s why I let my dog write my blog. People are far more willing to forgive a rant from a dog.

    1. Love a ranting dog! That’s just about perfection ! I have had many a rant on my blog but recently is not been appropriate to publish it. Something about hanging out dirty washing for all to see?

  2. Haha, yes ‘win some loose some’. I wondered about doing that and then decided a) Do I want those thoughts of mine online b) What if someone found them and felt hurt or worried c) Would dwelling on them actually make me more anoyed/upset d) Where would I find the time and e) What if I got the two mixed up!

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