I’m in with the in crowd

I go where the in crowd goes.
I’m in with the in crowd
And I know what the in crowd knows

The truth is, I’ve never been in with any in crowd in my  entire life. The geeks, fruitcakes and uncool people are the ones I tend to hang about with.

Our lovely next door neighbour is very much in with the in crowd. In fact, she’s the queen of the in crowd. She keeps inviting us to things and we’ve been to a few but the fact is we are simply just not cool enough to fit in. A classic case of square pegs in round holes. We were uncomfortable and we made others uncomfortable by changing the dynamic of the group.  After a few attempts at joining in with the in crowd we decided we aren’t cut out for coolness.  Photograph taking, dog dancing choristers do not cool people make.

One day last week we decided on that nice day (remember that one?)   to have a barbeque. We invited a few choir members and also our lovely, cool  neighbour whose husband was away, we thought she might enjoy the company. No one was more amazed than us when she said yes.

As it happened she had quite a nice time, she is very got on very well with one of our other guests. It was all going swimmingly until her husband arrived back early. Don’t get me wrong, her hubs is a great bloke but too cool for school. Just as he started tucking into his burger and coleslaw one of the choir members decided we were all going to have a sing.  Of course all the others immediately jumped up to join in.

Poor Neighbour’s face was a picture. He really thought he was going to be asked to sing. The relief when he realised he wasn’t going to have to was palpable.

Instead, he had to sit and listen as eight semi drunk choristers went into a shambolic performance of all their latest songs. The poor guy looked mortified. He sat so far forward in his set that his face was parallel to the ground. I couldn’t help but laugh, which was mean of me as he was clearly uncomfortable.  He finished his burger and was out of the door before we finished the final note.

Lashes decided to show off her new circus skills. I keep thinking she’s going to run off and join the circus one day. To be fair, I think that fire juggling is quite cool. As her mother though I have to watch through my fingers and have a fire extinguisher ready.


Eventually, long after the sun had dipped over the horizon, we decided to take the party inside. Then it got really silly.

You know what? I love my silly, geeky, funny friends. You can keep being cool. We have so much more fun. Drinking, clubbing, golfing and going on ladies lunch dates where the bitching is rife isn’t my idea of fun anyway.


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